Friday, April 20, 2012

Charmaine's Birthday

I'm 20wks+ Pregnant.. Almost 21W. Actually my arm very flabby in this photo but I made Charmaine crop my flab away. LOLssss

Our babe Charmaine turned 20-something on 13 April...
Actually she is 2 years younger than me, but she insisted that she's forever 21... that's why got 2 big candles and 1 small candle.. this woman not shy one, but it's her Birthday so let her win. Hahahahaha! Go figure.

The plan was for Meena & I to bluff her say I'm stuck at work and gotta cancel last minute but actually I went to Paragon - Cova Pasticerria to pick up her chocolate truffle cake then gotta take a cab down to Vivo City Carnivore to meet them.
I had to lie to Charm saying I was at work otherwise she will pick me up from my home (since we stay same estate).

So Ok, I went to Paragon picked up her cake blah blah... Then when I reached Vivo City, this Aunty Meena still havent reach. Hello. Supposed to meet at 12noon, I reached at 12.15pm and Charm also reached already but Meena still stuck in a jam near Woodlands!!!
Then what she wants me to do? I asked her, I go hide or what??!

So in the end I went inside Carnivore first, asked the waitress to hide the cake for me, then I called Charmaine and asked her get inside the restaurant because I was on a cab down from my work place. (But actually I was seated inside already. Of course lah, 1 pregnant Aunty carry cake run here run there cannot hide too long right?? Need to sit down mah)
So when she came in, she was quite surprised to see me, she thought I was still on the cab.

Then I Whatsapped Meena ask her change the bluffing plan - asked her to tell Charm she's not coming because she is still at home and some cock & bull excuse.
Of course Charmaine didn't believe it but we started eating without her (because she is always late for our gatherings, used to it liao. No fun already LOL)

So anyway, to make the long story short - we celebrated Charm's birthday and managed to surprise her with the cake.
This year, she made the most "aunty" wishlist - she asked us to give her Angpao because she doesnt know what she wants.
Actually I secretly planned to buy her a Ferragamo hairclip same design as mine but when I went to pick up my new shoes (more about new shoes later), they don't have the hairclip design anymore!!
Thought it was CLASSIC ??? So.... in the end no choice we gave her an Angpao.

Ferragamo Barbados jelly flats

My back started feeling like a 200 year-old lady since the beginning of my 2nd Trimester so I went to buy a new pair of flats (lame excuse, I know, heehe). Criteria: must be durable and cannot give me any blisters.
Saw these and fell in love with them immediately but because my size is always impossible to buy for (I'm sz 35, sometimes 34), the sales asst was very kind - offered to make an order for me.
But I had to wait 2 months before my size finally reached Singapore!
In March I finally received a call to go pick up my new shoes. Super comfy and size fits true.

Happy feet :)

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