Sunday, March 10, 2013

Adam goes for swimming lessons

Adam has been attending weekly swim lessons and enjoying himself.
This is the only extra-curriculum activity he is having at the moment. Don't get me wrong - I have nothing against parents who sign their children up for back-to-back enrichment classes - I'm just not too jazzed about subjecting my children & I to the logistics and costs involved, and burning everybody's weekends (we tried GUG for 1 term and are not going back. Too troublesome to hurry Adam to get ready, drive there, wait for parking lot, be on time for lessons, wait an hour, fetch him, go home for nap, precious Sunday burnt. ZZZzzzz). Having been through Monday-Friday of rigid routine, weekends are for leisure!
Not to mention, I think Adam is not musically inclined, prefers painting at home to his own imagination, and has zero interest in being confined in classrooms on weekends, albeit air-conditioned and expensive ones.

Adam, however, loves the water and he was the one who said "Yes" to swimming lessons when I asked him before signing up.
Besides, swimming is a very useful skill to acquire. It can save lives!

For the initial few lessons, one parent is advised to accompany the child into the water to reduce seperation anxiety.
Well, Andy wouldn't, for the life of him, show off his hunky figure (looking somewhat like Santa minus the white hair) so it doesn't take long to figure out who is the next (and only) option.
My problem is - I don't have suitable swim wear!! Holy macaroni! (a Mummy of toddler without swimwear - unimaginable).
Although my husband adores my breastfeeding jugs, I doubt the same can be said of parents of the other children.
Also, I can't bring myself to don one of those hideous looking one-piece spandex things which show off the camel toe, so..... I decided the next best thing to do would be to pull a T-shirt over my bikini and hope it passes off as appropriate "swim wear".

Baby Ashton is also having a whale of a time. My happy baby! We enlisted the help of my MIL and helper to join us at the pool. Part of the village who are helping to raise my children!
It is crowded on a Sunday morning. So many happy little swimmers!

The Water play area, which Adam is more interested in than lesson proper. Pfft.

You need to be at least 1.2m to go on the big water slide.

My wild water baby is confident enough to go without his arm floats now, though it'll be some time before he can really swim like a fish.

Our pig-out after work-out. Shared between Hubby, Adam & I. We are HUNGRY.

I love my prata with sugar. Fat die me.

Couldn't decide whether to eat Bak Kut Teh or Claypot chicken rice, so ordered both. Greedy me!
By the way here's an amazing video I wanna share with you. Swimming is an important skill for all children. It can save lives!

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