Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ashton blowing raspberry bubbles

Ashton self-taught himself to blow raspberry bubbles. He goes "Brrrr" and saliva splatters everywhere. Onto your cheeks, your lips, his toys, the furniture, everywhere.
I cannot, for the life of me, believe I forgot how cute this age is!

Let me assure you, it isn't always such a stroll in the park with my naughty urchins.

Refer to picture below:

Typical evening when we are loading the children into the car and trying to make our way home.
Specimen A is pictured trying to climb to Row 3 of car. Specimen B is sitting upright in his car capsule just 10 days after his surgery even though we have tried various efforts to make him "lie down and take things easy" as per the doctors' advise. (In fact, I had just tucked him nicely into the car seat and made my way to the other side to close the car door!)
No names mentioned.

Both little urchins keep Mumzilla on her pedicured toes!

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