Sunday, March 10, 2013

Indoor playground: Fidgets

Located in Turf City, we heard Fidgets is the biggest indoor playground in Singapore.
Where: Turf City Level 3
Parking: FOC, ample parking lots in open area.
How much: $8 unlimited hours for children under 2; $15 unlimited hours for kids 2 and above. Adults and infants go in for free.
** Please bring your socks, even for adults!

Fidgets have their own cafe selling snacks, some western food, and drinks.

I like that it has a large seating area for families. There's another side with many sofas. Ample space to lounge around.

There's a smaller play area for younger children

We left the kids with our helper while Andy & I relaxed at the cafe, sipping coffee and enjoying some peace.

Got the moves like Jagger? Pictured on left: Sofas on the other side of the cafe for tired caregivers.
P.S. Fidgets is really huge and provided Adam a great workout because he was sweating despite the aircon! Too bad it's too far from us but nonetheless another kid-friendly place for West dwellers.
As Turf City is under construction right now, the place is quite difficult to access, therefore if you're thinking of going there, I would reccomend you wait a few months unless of course, you don't mind that there is only 1 cargo lift and the building is quite messy / dusty.

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