Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beauty review: Dr Jart+ from Luxola

Hello fellow Mommies. What is the condition of your skin?
Is it somewhat dry with oily T-zone like mine, and speckled with freckles / pigmentation?
Ever since I became pregnant some 5 years ago (4yr old Adam plus some 9 months gestation), my skin has become prone to freckles and also very dry on some areas (corners of lips, eyes, cheeks) and oily on others.

Recently I received Dr Jart+ samples and found them to be not bad so I purchased some products from to try.
Superb next day doorstep courier with COD option from Luxola! I ordered Dr Jart+'s new range: Pore Medic. Bubble foam, Peeling gel, and Re-tightening mask.

I'm gonna try them that very night... heh.. My after-work face: with mineral makeup on since 7AM this morning - more than 10 hours of a dirty, oily face!

After using my Origins oil-based makeup remover which is tough on my smudge-proof Shu Uemura liquid eyeliner, I used Dr Jart+ Bubble foam. I love that it lives up to its promise of cleansing thoroughly without stripping skin of moisture. No tight and parched feeling on my face after rinsing off.

Description of bubble foam: Experience deep cleansing and thoroughly wash away the day’s damage with Dr. Jart Pore Medic Bubble Foam. This gentle yet effective skin-friendly cleanser uses an original dual-bubble mechanism that creates both large and micro bubbles specially formulated to help your skin feel its best. Large lather cuts through dirt and oil, while the smaller bubbles clean pores, creating a pore tightening effect. Patented ingredients control sebum and help to reduce the appearance of large pores, leaving skin fresh, firm and ready to go!

After that, I actually skipped the Peeling Gel and went on to use the Re-tighening mask because the instruction says to leave it on after washing face for 10-20 min before washing off with warm water. Therefore I applied and left it on while I showered and washed my hair.
** This was my FREE gift-with-purchase from Luxola, yeap, a full-sized mask. Happy! Thank you  :)

Description of re-tightening mask: This all natural, deep-absorbing clay mask has been specifically formulated to target the T-zone and other oily areas to control sebum, black heads and tighten pores whilst supplying moisture and nutrition to maintain brighter, smoother and clearer skin.

This is my scary face fresh off the shower and without any makeup. Can you see my freckles at the corner of my left eye?? Pregnancy-induced or result of being driven home at 5PM, I'm not sure.

One thing's for sure, I'm trying Dr Jart+'s V7 VitaLaser high performance whitening treatment to target freckles and pigmentation.

Description of V7 VitaLaser: This super concentrated treatment helps to improve the appearance of pigmented, uneven skin tone. It reduces the appearance of blemishes, freckles and irregular pigmentations while working to brighten up dull and dry skin. The powerful combination of 7 vitamins encourages the regeneration of new skin cells while protecting damaged and sensitive skin.
A regenerative blend of 7 essential vitamins help restore damaged skin back to normality
Key ingredients:
+ Vita 3 Complex – Helps to reduce the appearance of pigmentation caused by acne, sun damage and delivers high levels of anti-oxidants
+ Vitamin B3 Niacinamide - Improves skins resilience, improves cell renewal
+ Vitamin B5 Panthenol - Aids wrinkle prevention
+ Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate – Helps to protects the skin from UV damage, helps maintain skin resilience with anti-oxidizing agents
+ Vitamin E Tocopheryl Acetate - Anti-oxidant agents help prevent skin ageing and improves elasticity of dry skin.
I've only just started using this VitaLaser for about a week, and the Pore Medic range today, so hopefully I will see some improvement on my skin condition and freckles lightened after 1 month usage.
Mommies are often out and about in the sun because that's where our children often end up being! No matter how strong or how good my Sunblock is, it is inevitable to be exposed to some harmful rays due to sweat and prolonged exposure.

We're packing up for a cruise and subsequently a fishing trip come April so that means even more fun in the sun! Hope to come back with reviews after my continued use of Dr Jart+'s products!
P.S. Will try the Peeling Gel next to remove dead cells :)

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