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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hubby's 27th Birthday - Part I

12 Dec 2009 Saturday
Celebrated Hubby's Birthday with my family at Upp Thomson steamboat.
It was my Dad's treat so Thank you GongGong!
I love weekends - they are filled with nothing but joy and love with my family and sometimes, friends.

Happy family!

Liping, my bro JJ, an ecstatic Kai, and my Dad :)

Andy with my Grandma

My grandma & aunt

Baby Kai with his fav grandparents!

Liping & JJ

Da-gu, Aunt LY, my youngest bro Junwen, Liping

Proud GongGong cant stop beaming :D

Mr Cheeky and his many funny faces!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Putting up the Food fight

Naughty mon-mon has now become a Fussy eater. Sometimes he doesnt want to eat his porridge or cereal and just wanna eat up all the fruits.
Or sometimes, he will fuss halfway during a meal and demand a milk feed.
Other times, he gets distracted by the dogs hypnotising his food and he takes forever to finish a meal, playing and banging the table.

And I thought feeding was fun... Hmm..

Sunday, December 6, 2009

More out & about.

What a super duper BUSY few weeks before X'mas and New Year.
It's lotsa shopping, shopping, and MORE shopping, friends' weddings, work & family :)

Woke up extra early at 9am on a Sunday (by Daddy's standards anyway) and went grocery shopping.
Baby A was still in his PJs because he just woke up. After grocery-shopping, Daddy & Mummy went for Big Breakfast at MacDonald's while Baby A had his cereal and fruits.

After that, it was the whole afternoon at Takashimaya to do some more Xmas shopping.
Then, we headed to Woodlands to GongGong & PoPo's house!

Aunty Lipeng with Baby A. Both of them share the same birthday, how cool is that!

With my 83 years old Granny :)

PoPo has a Xmas present packed in a box!

Checking out all the X'mas shopping?

Later in the evening, it was dinner at Jack's Place with Baby A's Great-Grandma, Gong Gong, Po Po, Uncle JJ & Junwen.
Baby A looks bored because he could only have porridge, pumpkin, spinach and strawberries with banana custard. HEHE

It is beginning to look alot like X'mas! :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Out & about

Daddy A, Baby A and Mummy went out to soak up some mood for this festive season. Too bad it was raining and very cold hence we didnt stay out for long!

Went to Dr Simon for Baby A's 6th month growth assessment and had his height, weight and head circumference taken.
I witnessed my Baby sitting up on his own, making his own decisions not to drink plain water by pursing his lips and pushing my hand away...And it suddenly dawned on me: My baby has grown up so much!

I miss Baby A's neonatal days so much, I miss breastfeeding him (I BFed him till he was 5mths old), I miss him being a Baby-baby. *sobs*

From the kitchen

Tried 2 new recipes this week, apart from the usual cereal.

Lentil porridge:
Wash the lentils and rice grains, and grind them up after drying. Can be stored in airtight container for subsequent use.
Lentils are rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Plain rice porridge with Ikan Billis powder:
To make the ikan billis powder, Aunt LY (credit goes to my fav aunt :D) washed and sundried the ikan billis, then she roasted them on a non-stick pan over low heat until they are crisp.
Then, she pounded them until they are a fine powder.

Ikan Billis are high in calcium & protein.

These days, Baby Adam gets cereal for his breakfast, and porridge for dinner.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Brotherly bond

Seeing eye-to-eye


Sayang Dog-dog

After establishing trust, you can torture Man's best friend. Oops! Don't say Mummy said that!

Look at the proud face of our Tampines Torturer:
Poor Mavy!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hari Raya Haji Friday

When we brought Baby A to Baby Hypermart to buy his new Maclaren stroller today, we found out they are having a Weekend sale until 12mn for these 2 days.
And we got a good deal for the new stroller, with a free stroller fan thrown in :)

Daddy A and Baby A love the Maclaren.
Daddy is very happy with his new Sports Car of strollers and I'm equally glad that Andy & I now have a "His" and "Hers" stroller :P

In a nutshell, (Im getting really lazy to type long posts these days), we did these today:
- Bought slow cooker for cooking Baby A's porridge
- Brought Baby A to Baby Hypermart
- Went to my folks' and had dinner with my family
- Tucked Baby A to bed and went out with Hubby to wash the car
- Drove to Jln Kayu for Selegie soya milk to reward ourselves for the hardwork and sweat

On Thursday morning, he called me at work and asked: "Honey you didnt prepare Kaikai's food today, so what should I feed him?"
Me: "Oh I forgot. Can you give him the Parsnip with Sweet potatoes? And choose any fruit to go along"
Andy: "Parsnip.... Ok... Can I give him Pears & strawberries?"
Me: "Ok sure. Thanks Hon!"

Andy is the New Age Dad in every way :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Storm in a Teacup

Trying to grab the camera

making funny faces is his forte

This is the Cheeky Monmon who brings much laughter into our lives.
No matter how tiring my day has been, seeing these faces melts away all unhappiness instantly.
He has so much love to go around, every single day I say a silent prayer and thank God for blessing us with a happy Bubs.

I cant take a decent photo of him nowadays because he is always wriggling.
Isn't he a handful!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A quiet Sunday for 3


Baby Adam went to Changi Terminal 3 for the first time today. He fell asleep while Andy & I had late lunch and woke up just as we were about to bring him to the Organic shop to browse his Toothiepegs and puree.

Before that, we brought him to Baby Hyperstore to check out a new stroller which we intend to buy as a spare - Maclaren Quest Sport.
I'm in love with its fuss-free simplicity and quality.

People who dont know us might think we're having twins! Because we always end up buying 2 of everything - one for each Grandparents' home.

Here's a simple shopping list for the new car:
- Baby rear-view mirror (innovative invention for letting driver see their babies in the carseat)
- Hang toys
- Car polish & wax (Yes, I really do take good care of my belongings!)

By the way, speaking of car polish, this is what happened yesterday...
Me to Andy: Wah Honey, it is only Saturday and the car is dirty already. So fast need to wash.
Andy: Yah, because you drive so slowly that's why the dust settle.


Baby Adam is on to Avocados today. Mummy loves grocery shopping nowadays :)

Abstract from "First Foods":
High in nutrients such as fibre, potassium (for muscle development), vitamin E, B vitamins and folate, avocados also contain beneficial unsaturated fats.

Note to add:
You can freeze extra portions for subsequent feeds.
Frozen cubes can last 2-3mths while refrigerated puree can last 3 days.
I usually just make enough to last 3 days and keep them in empty babyfood jars in the fridge.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rain rain, go away...

Mummy has caught the flu bug and passed it to Baby Kai.
But thank goodness his runny nose lasted for only 1 day. (Mine lasted this entire week!)
He has always been a healthy baby, thank God, because he is a Bfed baby.
I thought I couldnt Bfeed longer than 1-2mths due to my size, but I BFed Baby Kai till he was 1 week short of being 5 mths old because my period came back and also due to inconveniences at work. Since I couldnt reach my goal of 6 mths as per WHO's recommendation, we'll have to make do with 5 months.
But I'm happy enough since he has been healthy compared to most other babies his age who are susceptible to flu and such. *touch wood*

Now, Baby Kai has tried:
- Carrots
- Squash
- Spinach
- Applesauce
- Banana
- Happy Baby Organic fruit puffs
- Heinz fruit juice
He now takes 2 meals a day - Breakfast and Dinner, which consists of Cereal, fruit and Veggie.

I'm glad it's finally Friday. Been waiting for the weekend!
I hope I can get some rest and recuperate from my extremely crazy week.

And I do need to get used to my new wheels.
It's been raining lots these days and instead of turning on the wiper, I keep signalling Left/Right!
And when I wana signal direction, I end up wiping the windscreen instead. -__-
Not used to the Euro specs yet, having driven Jap cars all these while.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mini Childcare centre

Thanks to all my friends and colleagues who asked about Baby A. I'm really grateful that he is in your thoughts.
My dear Charmaine's first question to me was, "Did you take a photo of him on the floor??"
-__- Don't know how to reply her.
He is fine, thank God, but it served as a valuable learning experience.

We set up his Haenim Play Yard, with 2 layers of Alphabet foam mats, and a playmat on top.

What a large area for him to roll around.

We didn't end up buying the Graco Playpen. Instead, we bought a Safety First playpen from online. Read reviews that it is better than Graco and it is not available in Singapore so your next best bet would be to buy it online.

The one we are buying looks something like this shown model but more elaborate - with skirting, bassinet and diaper organiser. It's really pretty :)

Baby A turns 6 Months old today!
What a way to spend the eve of his 6th Month. :(
I'm super exhausted and overwhelmed now and we've turned both homes into Mini Childcare Centres.

Okay gotta go catch my beauty sleep now. Dead tired.