Friday, November 20, 2009

Rain rain, go away...

Mummy has caught the flu bug and passed it to Baby Kai.
But thank goodness his runny nose lasted for only 1 day. (Mine lasted this entire week!)
He has always been a healthy baby, thank God, because he is a Bfed baby.
I thought I couldnt Bfeed longer than 1-2mths due to my size, but I BFed Baby Kai till he was 1 week short of being 5 mths old because my period came back and also due to inconveniences at work. Since I couldnt reach my goal of 6 mths as per WHO's recommendation, we'll have to make do with 5 months.
But I'm happy enough since he has been healthy compared to most other babies his age who are susceptible to flu and such. *touch wood*

Now, Baby Kai has tried:
- Carrots
- Squash
- Spinach
- Applesauce
- Banana
- Happy Baby Organic fruit puffs
- Heinz fruit juice
He now takes 2 meals a day - Breakfast and Dinner, which consists of Cereal, fruit and Veggie.

I'm glad it's finally Friday. Been waiting for the weekend!
I hope I can get some rest and recuperate from my extremely crazy week.

And I do need to get used to my new wheels.
It's been raining lots these days and instead of turning on the wiper, I keep signalling Left/Right!
And when I wana signal direction, I end up wiping the windscreen instead. -__-
Not used to the Euro specs yet, having driven Jap cars all these while.

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