Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mini Childcare centre

Thanks to all my friends and colleagues who asked about Baby A. I'm really grateful that he is in your thoughts.
My dear Charmaine's first question to me was, "Did you take a photo of him on the floor??"
-__- Don't know how to reply her.
He is fine, thank God, but it served as a valuable learning experience.

We set up his Haenim Play Yard, with 2 layers of Alphabet foam mats, and a playmat on top.

What a large area for him to roll around.

We didn't end up buying the Graco Playpen. Instead, we bought a Safety First playpen from online. Read reviews that it is better than Graco and it is not available in Singapore so your next best bet would be to buy it online.

The one we are buying looks something like this shown model but more elaborate - with skirting, bassinet and diaper organiser. It's really pretty :)

Baby A turns 6 Months old today!
What a way to spend the eve of his 6th Month. :(
I'm super exhausted and overwhelmed now and we've turned both homes into Mini Childcare Centres.

Okay gotta go catch my beauty sleep now. Dead tired.

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