Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hari Raya Haji Friday

When we brought Baby A to Baby Hypermart to buy his new Maclaren stroller today, we found out they are having a Weekend sale until 12mn for these 2 days.
And we got a good deal for the new stroller, with a free stroller fan thrown in :)

Daddy A and Baby A love the Maclaren.
Daddy is very happy with his new Sports Car of strollers and I'm equally glad that Andy & I now have a "His" and "Hers" stroller :P

In a nutshell, (Im getting really lazy to type long posts these days), we did these today:
- Bought slow cooker for cooking Baby A's porridge
- Brought Baby A to Baby Hypermart
- Went to my folks' and had dinner with my family
- Tucked Baby A to bed and went out with Hubby to wash the car
- Drove to Jln Kayu for Selegie soya milk to reward ourselves for the hardwork and sweat

On Thursday morning, he called me at work and asked: "Honey you didnt prepare Kaikai's food today, so what should I feed him?"
Me: "Oh I forgot. Can you give him the Parsnip with Sweet potatoes? And choose any fruit to go along"
Andy: "Parsnip.... Ok... Can I give him Pears & strawberries?"
Me: "Ok sure. Thanks Hon!"

Andy is the New Age Dad in every way :)

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