Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Changi City Point: kids water playground

On Sunday, we brought Adam to Changi City Point after we got back from our staycation.
I tell you - we suck at leaving our kid without us. Even for one night. Even if we are only away in another location in Singapore other than where Adam is.
This kid clearly has us wrapped around his little finger I tell ya.

Warning: the carpark in Changi City Point is quite a bitch so we had to park in another building and walk over in the scorching sun.
As a result, my little monkey had his eyes shut like this:


My little terror

Love this shot. He's touching a rainbow!

Adam really enjoyed himself loads. He was prancing around and for the first time in a long long time, he didnt need me to be beside him.
Ever since he found out I am pregnant, he's been pesky like super glue. Cling wrap.
He lost interest in his toys and demands that I be with him every single minute of my waking time with him.
It is truly exhausting when he doesnt wanna play on his own, and at bedtimes he wants me to look at him and watch him fall asleep. Sometimes I admit it's really cute to have him so adoring because I know such experiences won't last till he's old enough to have a GF (sobs) but to be honest, I'm exhilirated at times and I'd rather look at the back of my eyelids.

YIKE!!! what happened to My kid??! My easy baby has been abducted and swapped with a pesky toddler.

But I digress.
Back to the water playground. I have found my answer!! He enjoyed himself so much he ran and pranced around not needing me. Mama is now free to sit one corner and relax!
Not only does Adam like it, I do too! It's free, and clean, and has toilets and cleanup/shower area. What a brilliant place.
In fact, I suspect he loves the playground more than he does his parents. He's been bugging me to bring him there again every night and we are counting sleeps before we go there again on Good Friday this week - 3 more sleeps!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Staycation at Rasa Sentosa

Maxi dresses: my figure-savers this pregnancy.

My face round round and my arms so flabby...............
Our private suite with personal outdoor jacuzzi.

Self-pampering before our spa appointments!

My favourite skincare line.

Then the doorbell rang. Bubbly room service for us!

with compliments :)

We ended the evening with dinner by the beach at Barnacles.

Last December, before I knew I was knocked up, I had all my leave booked for travel plans this year.
+ April Good Friday long weekend - Perth farm stay and Margaret River with Hubs & Adam
+ July - Hong Kong sales + Disneyland
+ October - Game fishing in Rompin
+ December - somewhere we've never been to before (we were thinking Europe or visiting Andy's relatives in Florida)

Now.... with all our travel plans shelved till God knows when, Hubby decided to book us a little staycation to get away from the rush and routine of daily life.
We chose Sentosa because it was away from the city.

Although we were technically still in Singapore, that little staycation did miracles to my mind & body.
Not waking up to alarms, not waking up to the kid, we basically spent all weekend sleeping, eating, relaxing in the sun, and just did nothing.
I was a greedy pregnant whale!

It was a good break. I love Adam to the ends of the universe of course, but I do miss my me-time.
Especially so when I'm pregnant and don't get much rest because I'm kept busy by him all the time.

Thank you Rasa Sentosa for the hospitality and offering us much respite.

I think I'm gonna need a few more hotel stays till I deliver!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lyndsey is ONE!

My neighbour's daughter Lyndsey celebrated her 1st Birthday today and Adam was very happy to be invited. He's been anticipating the party, looking forward to the cake and goodie bag and singing Birthday songs in the morning :)

Before we left the house, I had already warned him with the "We are going home immediately if you misbehave" threat 100x and made sure I drilled it in his head that I was not prepared to be dealing with any nonsense.

Glad my little soldier enjoyed himself and was really an angel at the party. He didn't fuss, he didn't throw tantrums and he played quietly by himself.
I'm so proud of him! Considering how annoying he's been lately.

Ok this is a short post because it's been a long day for me (we had a Parc Lumiere party and we went after the birthday celebration to get Adam some balloons, popcorn and ice-cream).
Good night!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm a 15-weeker, and we've started on the nursery :)

Time has definitely gone by in a blink.
I recently went for my antenatal checkup in my 15th week, and will be scheduled for my 20-week FA scan somewhere mid-April.

This time round we've started preparing for the nursery early, which is currently also Adam's Play Room.
We should be putting the cot and some baby stuff there, but I'm kinda nervous to know Adam's reaction when the time comes where he realizes he's gonna have to share his Play Room, the first among many other things he's gotta have to share.

The toys, electric breast pump and safari cot set are from the recent Taka baby fair which is still on-going until 25 March 2012.
We also couldn't resist buying a Bugaboo Bee in the newest model (not from baby fair though)!

If you're wondering why we have to buy so many things since this is not our first-born, well that's because when we shifted to our own place we gave away 90% of the baby stuff, including our Bugaboo Cameleon !!! All FOC!
The Cameleon is actually borrowed by a couple-friend, but I'm not sure if it's just me, I don't feel comfortable asking people for stuff back. What about you???

When I gave birth to Adam, I had some people give me stuff like sarongs (for confinement), nursing covers, and stuff like that.
(Ok, I say "give" in the sentence above because they will always say "Hey I have this/that to pass to you so you don't have to buy". They never said to lend me or that they'd want it back some day)

Then when I've forgotten all about them (you know how FAST kids outgrow their milestones), these same people start asking me for their stuff back, to pass on to their niece/ cousin/ friend who's just given birth. Oh. My. God. Whenever I received calls or SMSes like those, I always felt a missed heartbeat when I frantically try to recall where I chucked the said stuff.
You know how it is, I was staying with my in-laws, we had limited space. Everything was stashed everywhere!!!! Where on earth do I go pull out the nursing covers / sarongs/ tummy binder all of a sudden?!?!?!
Out my ASS????

I've also given Adam's infancy stuff to other people but I've never ever thought of asking for them back. Seriously. Even my $2000-Bugaboo Cameleon, for goodness' sake! Even though this couple-friend said they would like to "borrow" it, we've never thought of asking it back from them, especially when their kid is still less than a year-old and expecting their 2nd child to0.
Maybe that's just us (thank goodness Andy & I are alike in more ways than you can imagine), or are we too generous ??

Anyway, back to the topic of preparing for the nursery. So... this time round, we decided we will start over and prefer buying the stuff we need again. Full stop. (Unless people are buying stuff for the Baby Shower, that's another story.)

Sunday Champagne brunch at Mandarin Oriental

Fred (the guy in the centre) is leaving Singapore, going back to France, so we decided to hold a farewell lunch for him, and with the kids in tow, Paul thought of a grand plan - babysitting, play area for kids, great buffet spread, and alcohol.

We went to Mandarin Oriental for their Sunday champagne brunch.

Somehow one of my weirdest cravings this pregnancy is alcohol. I've been craving for Cosmos and cold icy mixes. So too bad I could only take a few sips of the Dom Perignon. Bleah.

And the luncheon didn't progress as well as I thought it would, because Adam wouldn't be with Morgan and insisted on sticking with me THE WHOLE TIME.
At first, our designated server had brought both boys to the Play room, and I did mental cartwheels thinking I could relax and enjoy some adult-time finally.
Wrong. 10 min later, the server came back with a black-haired whiny kid. Oh goodness, that kid is MINE.
Adam has been clingy like cling-wrap ever since we broke the news that I'm pregnant.
Andy & I think it's only right for him to be involved in the new baby as much as we are, but we didn't expect him to be pesky to this extent.

So anyway, everyone enjoyed the meetup except me of course.
I was reluctantly forced to babysit Adam the whole time and deal with his what-nots.
But this gathering is not about me. It's about wishing Fred all the best and hope his father recovers from surgery soon (the main reason he's going home).

As for me, I think for the remaining 5 months or so, I'm better off :
- not having a social life
- leaving him with my aunt / in-laws
- swapping him for a better-behaved kid.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

OoooOhh I'm lucky

Adam is obsessed with trains and fire-engines.
One evening, after watching Fireman Sam videos on his iPad, he suddenly asked to be a Fireman. Oh my goodness, sometimes it can be very trying to deal with requests of toddlers who insist on having things that have finished / do not exist in the house!
I searched everywhere around the house for a water hose and helmet for my Mr Fireman.

In this photo, he is actually Fireman Sam (please do not be misleaded by the word on his helmet) putting out fire with his hose, which in reality is the suction hose we use for sucking our pond's fish-shit , which I found in the toilet. We now have a happy kid. Great!

Here, he is diagnosing why his trains are sick (lying on their sides on the floor)

and he gives them an injection.

P.S. Adam is going 80% diaperless now. He only wears diapers to bed or when we go out, and even so, sometimes he will tell me "Mommy I need to pee and I don't want to pee in the diapers" No more cleaning up messy poopy bums!

P.P.S I have conversations with Adam every night before he goes to bed, mostly about what we are going to do the following day (school/ Ah Ma's house/ an outing, etc)

Tonight, our conversation went like this:
Adam: Mommy I am going to bed ok?
Me: Ok. Your milk is here. Good night baby.
Adam: Tomorrow we are going to Ah Ma's house?
Me: Tomorrow's Sunday. We will be going to meet your Grandaunt (Aunt LY) in the afternoon and then we'll meet your Ah Ma for dinner. Is that Ok?
Adam: Ok. Good night Mommy.
Me: Good night baby. I love you.
Adam: I love YOU, Mommy.

OooooOohhh I'm lucky lucky LUCKY. I have a beautiful family and I'm a Mom, and my son loves me!
Oh thank you God, I'm really blessed.

My 29th Birthday celebration

My babes came over to give me a surprise celebration in cahoots with my Hubby.
As it was a complete surprise, Adam was actually taking a nap at my in-law's after lunch.
Thank you girls and thank you Hubster I love you all so much!
That night, my parents and brothers came over for my birthday dinner at Sukiya, Tampines Mall.

On a separate day, Andy treated me to my Birthday lunch at The White Rabbit, where at the end of everything the server came out with a surprise birthday dessert.

I feel so loved and lucky to have my friends and family. I couldn't have asked for more :)