Monday, April 6, 2009

Antenatal checkup on the weekend + some updates

Our weekend was spent busy running errands and with a doctor's appt to keep!

Went for our 31-week checkup with Dr Don on Saturday.
This time, I am very happy because I put on 1.2kg (highest record ever throughout my pregnancy) and also, baby weighing about 1.7kg.
All the home rest and pampering from Andy & family must be doing me good :D

Didnt get a decent shot of Baby because he used his hand to cover his face as he happily drank some more amniotic fluid.

He drinks until he gets hiccups at times, which Andy & I find very amusing to feel the jerks on my tummy haha!

Sunday was spent with my Mum to buy some bb's stuff. Being 1st time parents, Andy & I also dont know what we need / dont need to buy so having Mum along was great.

Though, more often than not, my Mum will end up buying things the baby doesnt need (yet)... like this rocking chair:

Andy and I helped eachother fix it up to test the functions and there is my Mum with her silly cat Mango

Mango also wants to help (read: kaypo).

Finally, it is done!
It has adjustable rocking speeds and music, lights and toys hanging above baby's head.

Actually, what we really REALLY need for the nursery are:
- Baby cot (a White one to go with our furniture, food-grade teething guards on rails, adjustable bed heights, 4 castor wheels, and can convert to toddler bed when child is older)

- Fitted sheets and pillow for the cot
- White basic baby clothes and rompers for home wear (can buy at baby wholesaler shop at Bugis)
- Nappies and waterproof nappy covers (can buy at baby wholesaler shop at Bugis)
- Bath non-slip mat
- Bottle steriliser tablets
- Wet wipes (Pigeon ones which our dogs are using also)

OTHER ITEMS (Bought or given)
- Bean sprout husk pillows (my Grandma making)
- Baby soap & shampoo
- Diapers (bought a lot of Huggies Ultra from
- Bottle brush
- AVENT bottle steriliser (Charmaine gave)
- Baby 2-way sling carrier (Charmaine gave)
- Kodomo Baby laundry detergent
- Cotton buds & cotton balls
- Breast pads and sanitary pads

Looks like our nursery supplies are halfway complete! We still have about 9 weeks to prepare along the way as we go :)
Initally, I was worried about how I should train Andy to prepare him for Fatherhood and to get him involved as much as possible so he doesnt feel alienated and overwhelmed.
But thus far, he has been great (sometimes even better than me) in the know-hows of Babyhood. He reads ahead and gains his knowledge from Motherhood forums and our pregnancy books and he compares specs & prices of cots and strollers on websites to shortlist which one we should buy (like telling me which stroller has 4WD and suspension and which cot is slide-open with adjustable height)
He also talks to Baby a great deal - complaining to BB when I am naggy or telling BB to "ask mummy not to be angry" when I am in bad mood.
Did I mention I'm very proud of him? :)

And Oh, I am so looking forward to this coming Good Friday long weekend because it is my cousin's daughter's full-month shower and also, my Crazy Charmaine's bird-day! :D

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