Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 34 Antenatal checkup

Went for our Week 34 antenatal checkup this morning.
As usual, my weight is Ok, my urine test and BP are normal, Baby's weight is a good 2.2kg.

Today, he used his hand to cover his face again. This naughty little fella doesnt want his Daddy & Mummy to see him... Hmm..

This photo is from my previous checkup - also used his forearm to shield his face:

I received some news from Dr Don today - Baby is in breech position.
2 visits ago, he was already in vertex position (facing down). However today, he decided to turn back up again.
Dr Don mentioned that by 2 weeks' time (our next visit at Week 36) if baby still doesnt turn back downwards, he most probably wouldnt, due to the restricted uterine space. That means, I have to deliver Baby by Caesarian.
He also added that my pelvis is small which could be the reason why Baby doesnt turn vertex, because I am still very petite for a 34-week preggy lady. All the weight gained goes to Baby.
Maybe I will have trouble squeezing him out vaginally and end up needing an emergency C-section instead!

Initially when Dr Don mentioned to me about C-section, I was caught off-guard and quite worried about being cut up. Moreover, lately I been feeling increasing pressure on my pelvis and pain in my *ahem* whenever Baby kicks so I assumed he had engaged.
Now I know why it hurts so much - because of the obvious reason that his legs are kicking me down there.

Natural birth Pros:
- Shorter healing time
- Smaller postpartum wound

Natural birth Cons:
- Got to snip an episiotomy "down there" OUCH
- Got to endure the contraction and labour pains which might take forever!

Caesarian Pros:
- Wont feel contraction and labour pains
- Vagina will still be in "pre-birth" condition.. *ahem*

Caesarian Cons:
- Wound takes longer time to heal
- Would have to reschedule my massage lady, which I went through some pains to book this amazing Malay aunty who helped massage Fandi Ahmad's wife, Wendy Jacobs, back to shape for her 5 births! She is costly but Andy doesnt mind splurging. If I go for C-section I might have to reschedule her or have her replaced entirely if her schedule cant fit mine!

It's all Andy's fault for joking about naming our son Julius Caesar Tan. Hmmph.

As usual, we enjoy every visit to Dr Don. He happily answered all our questions about genetics and giving birth.
We're getting more and more excited about my nearing D-Day and Dr Don said I should expect a letter from my hospital soon indicating details of what to: bring upon admission / pack for my hosp bag.
I'm feeling excited, scared and a little impatient as well.
Finally, he will be done serving his belly time and coming into the real world. I cant wait to see our baby!
Already there are tons of people calling up our families to ask about the Baby's arrival and there will be TWO Baby Showers for him - one for each family.
Whenever some relative/friend calls our mums, it's often "June", "grandma", "faster have one as well" and along the lines of it.

Well, all I hope is to have a smooth delivery and that Baby is healthy.

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