Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thank God

I cant even bend down to put on my undies anymore - that's how big my watermelon is.

It's depressing not being able to do stuff that used to be 2nd nature to you. I sat on the bed naked and felt like crying.
Thank God for Andy because he helped me to wear my undies and shorts and talked to Baby, asking him to be a good boy.

He has been really patient and nice to me throughout the entire pregnancy, and it's not that he wasnt sweet to me during our 6yr long relationship to begin with.
I must've done something good in my past life to deserve a guy like him.
Thank God.
And I love this man so much.


  1. Aunty, are you sure it is a watermelon and not a pumpkin? Judging from your body size I feel it is more of a pumpkim............. the kinda pumpkin that cinderella's fairy godmother used to conjure up the carriage which cinderella rode to the prince's ball.

  2. Sometimes I feel it is a Watermelon, other times it is a Durian or Jackfruit jabbing me in all directions as if Im having twins!


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