Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random updates

Andy is shifting his warehouse from the old Pasir Panjang one to Changi Biz Park, as such, he has been busy like a bee.

This morning, the phone calls started coming in at 8AM from his Dad and the electrician for him to go down and inspect the new place.
He asked if I wanted to go with him to inspect the cabling and electrical matters but I was too tired to move a muscle and decided to go back to sleep instead.
He kept touching my face, saying "Good morning Mummy!" and kissing my bump but all I could manage was grunt "Honey dont disturb me I am tired..." and roll over to sleep somemore. What a PIG I've become!
Oh well, maybe another time.

The Changi warehouse is cleaner and nicer and so near to our home which is only 5-10min drive away. Compared to the Pasir Panjang warehouse, Andy can actually save alot on petrol.
I hope he has a smooth shifting transition and everything works out beautifully for my man.
Also, I've been experiencing menstrual-like cramps these few days but no "show" or waterbag break yet. Just sometimes accompanied with lower back or pelvis pain.
Is Baby coming out soon?! Another 4-5weeks to go before D-Day. Geez! *nervous*

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