Friday, April 17, 2009

Norman's 29 Bday celebration

Siling decided to hold a Surprise birthday party for Norman's 29th Birthday.

Andy & I arrived before Norman and we hid in Siling's mum's room and waited for Norman to come


Our steamboat spread. Andy always craving for steamboat ever since I'm preggy. My only hope now is for my labour pains to transfer to him as well, not just the food cravings. Heh heh!

Norman's Swensen ice-cream cake

Silly guy singing his own birthday song and clapping along haha! Dry ice for the special effect :P

Andy feeding him

The 2 lovey-doveys on the couch with Cookie the weird growling Shih Tzu!

BACK AT HOME AT 11pm....

My ballooning tummy! I was taking out a $1 coin to pay for my drink during lunchtime and my butter-fingers dropped it. The coin did a flip and landed on my tummy!
The only advantage I can think of is - I didnt have to bend down to pick it up from the floor, though it was quite a perculiar sight to the coffeeshop waitress -__-

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