Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Being confined at home sure sucks!

Why? Because I have been missing out on all the fun!
Meena and Delphine went for the Class 95 Dog walk at Bishan Park and Charmaine went prawn fishing till wee hours in the morning.

See the happy faces on dogs and owners!

It seems like a long time ago that I did all these with the dogs and my friends - ever since I have to be home bound and RIB (rest in bed)
What irony! Because I have always been an active person and up to the point of my hospitalisation, I was still working full time and walking the dogs 2x a day, picking up poop and bathing & blow-drying them and pretty much doing all the chores I normally go about doing.

I have always wanted to have an active pregnancy because I think all the exercise and endorphines will do us much good!

Now I am stuck at home, Andy, scared that I will go nuts, has bought me PS3 game to play and I have started playing Pet Society on Facebook.
I wish to resume some hobbies like Dog Agility but am afraid my body cant take it, I want to do some cross-stitch but the pantang elders always tell you not to sew in your pregnancy yadayada. So... looks like nothing much is going on these days.
The furthest place I've ventured on my own is to the coffeeshop few blocks away to grab lunch.
Other than that, everywhere I go, Andy insists that he is around to play driver or I have to take cab.

And we still havent found the Breakfast-in-bed tray yet. Hmmph...

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