Saturday, April 11, 2009

Clumsy whale

Extremely clumsy lately. I keep dropping things on the floor and my once-opposable fingers now become butter-fingers.

Instead of squeezing some concealer onto my fingertip, a whole glob flew out and landed on my coffee table-size belly.

As if that's not enough, I also somehow sent some toothpaste flying from the tube onto my belly while trying to brush teeth.

Instead of walking, I now waddle and sometimes accidentally knock into Andy or something/someone. I've become even more 3D than I had ever imagined.

My nesting instincts are also getting quite strong now because I keep wanting to shop for stuff for Baby and I've started doing weird things again like buying jams.
I added something new to my "List of weird things I do in pregnancy" - Washing Andy's shoes. (HUH?!)
Yeah. I actually helped him to wash his shoes right down to the laces. For the record, I dont even wash my own shoes lah!

And as for Baby? Somehow he has shifted and I feel him "dropping" into my pelvis because his movements are now concentrated at my pelvis and suprapubis, no longer the cute loveable hard knocks that make my belly jump and which keep us entertained watching my tummy have a life of its own.
Now, his movements make me wince and want to scream profanities because they are so painful, as if he is trying to perforate my uterus/bladder. At times, he jabs me in my ribs and I thought I was getting a fracture. OUCH. -__-
I even called up Dr Don in fear that Baby would fall out from "down there" (Yeah pregnant women are wierd & paranoid creatures) but according to him it is normal as long as Baby is still moving it should be alright, and that Baby has run out of room to move about, plus it is getting crowded in the uterine home that's why.
Little comfort huh...

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