Thursday, April 23, 2009

Poo poo

Was chatting with Andy on MSN while he was at work and he suddenly had this hilarious idea of letting Baby poop amidst the serenity of water feature. *dohh*

And yes, we have decided to name our boy Adam. A very down-to-earth name which originated from Hebrew.
Actually, Andy was the one who thought of the name. In fact, he has thought of 90% of the baby's name because he is a fussy possessive Daddy who pored through "What's in a Chinese name" to shortlist a few suitable names.

ADAM: Of the Earth, the first man on Earth in the Bible.

Another thing is, we might not have mentioned, but we conceived Adam while watching Dont Mess with the Zohan on DVD *blush*... and it was after deciding on this name that we realised what a coincidence it is that the actor is also named Adam Sandler. Hilarious!

So nope, we're not naming our baby Julius Cesar Tan afterall :P

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