Monday, October 26, 2009

I'll take it!

We decided to trade in our manual car for something else (read: idiot-proof).
The VW Golf GTI - hardly the make of a family car, but I'll take it!

My new car:

in my fav Candy White color somemore.

(photos courtesy of google. This is a prototype photo. Mine is still being shipped over from Germany, ETA Mid-Nov.)

Q: What's special about GTI?
A: I like the reversing camera and LCD display for parking goondus like me, the electronic seats control for lazy people like me, the Sunroof for my darling Baby A, hatchback boot for the 2 dogs, and most important of all, Auto transmission for kayu drivers like me. Kinda tired to drive Manual liao.. And leather seats, as compared to alcantara bucket seats (which our previous car had), make it easier to clean up baby food and milk!

Can't wait for it to arrive :)

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