Friday, October 30, 2009

Meena's Birthday Celebration 2009

29 OCT 2009 Thursday night at Marche, Vivo City.
This time, we made a point to leave our men and babies at home and just have a well-deserved Girls' Night Out to celebrate Aunty Meena's birthday.

Chris, Charm & I arrived first so we went to find a secluded spot.

The aunty then arrived.

Charm's story: "Eh aunty, I kena retrenched today... because I was late for work again and now I have to leave early to meet you".

"You wanna see my barang barang from work??"

What's inside??

a pleasant Surprise!!

We made Meena wear this bib throughout the dinner and walk around Marche wearing it.. Some friends we are :P

Things we bought her: Stencils for making Xmas cookies for us and doggies.

3-tier stand for displaying her bakery when she has friends over.

More kitchen items...

And a special Birthday cake which Chris baked.. "Let her eat cake" !!

Our Food:

'cuse us, too hungry to bother about etiquette already.


Make a wish...

Holy cow!

It was a wonderful night.
When I look at myself in retrospeck, I just want to laugh out loud at my once callous and extravagant ways, and like what Meena says, she "heaves a huge sigh of relief".
I'm really lucky for friends like them. We've come a long way to have our friendship where it is today.

Thank you, babes, for:
- the milkbones in bulk (the good ol' doggone days)
- cheap dogfood lobangs
- the many outings to Pet Movers (dog poo land mines)
- being there for my wedding and handmaking my ring pillow
- being the 1st people to play with Baby Kai's dickie when he was born (!!!)
- giving me shocks and palpitations nearly all the time (esp Charmaine)
- chipping in and helping me with Baby Kai's Full Month shower (Chris baking 2 HUGEASS boxes of cupcakes)
- talking about babies, BFding, pooping patterns and colic
- our insane shoppings and girly gatherings (whipped cream party, fondue buffet, festivities, birthdays)
- getting "our cbs stripped by stangers" (Only Meena will say something like that!!)

Oh my, will our list ever exhaust??
What a wonderful experience it is to share these life journeys with my gals.
I cant ever ask for more. Therefore, I wanna say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEENA!" AUNTIES FOREVER!!

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