Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Glimmer of hope

I have a piece of good news to share - I found someone who's willing to adopt Alice!
Last night, I called SPCA's 24-hour emergency hotline (which was meant for injured/sick/distressed animals only) and told the staff about my dog and that I want her back.
Luckily, he was very happy to assist me and told me to go back the next morning (which was today morning).

So I met Alan at SPCA. Yes, my ex-bf Alan is going to adopt her.
He recently got married, and had since stopped asking about Alice, also it was not appropriate for me to contact him since he's married. But last night, Andy urged me to give it one last shot to save Alice so I did. Thank God, Alan called me back immediately and said Ok he will adopt her and let her stay with his wife's family. They stay in a landed property in Loyang, and they are retired couple whose kids are all grown-up, therefore Alice would make a good pet for them.

After redeeming her at SPCA, we brought Alice to the vet to do the necessary, and Keith was really kind. He agreed to help me give Alice a bath & blowdry, even though his appointments are always full and it is so last minute and I have no appointment made.
So vet done, grooming done.

This photo was taken this morning at the vet. My old dame has indeed come of age. Her muzzle and face is white now, and she looks scrawny.

Alice is ready to go to her new home.
Thanks to everyone for their concern, prayers, well wishes. I'm really grateful, and relieved that at least my Alice is going to a better home than what I can offer her, and also because Alan is someone Alice knows for a long time. Therefore I know that she is in very good hands indeed.

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