Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Websites for your IT-savvy tyke

Here are some websites which you and your child might find useful in his learning:

This website teaches children how to read. Has online reading games and prinatable activity pages for children to practice.

An online encyclopedia for kids, Kidipede is an excellent source of information and great for children who have outgrown see-saws and slides. Information on this website is split into 2 categories: History and Science. Intended for slightly older children but is a good base of information for parental reading too.

What is a zombie snail? How do bears hunt? This website allows your child to learn about animals and watch animal videos just a click away. It is filled with many answers to the many "whys" that your child asks.

This website is a treasure chest of educational early childhood activities for kids aged 2 to 6.
The neat organisation of "The Alphabet", "Colours", and "Shapes" makes it very user-friendly.
Includes free lesson plans which you can use at home or if you're thinking of throwing a play-date with other Mommies, along with the list of materials needed and step-by-step instructions to craft ideas, printable activities, worksheets and coloring pages.

Here's a fun way to introduce primary school subjects to your tyke. There are 3 categories - English, Math and Science - each of which houses a broad range of activities accompanied with graphics and animation.
This website is good for preschool teachers, or if you're like me, a very hands-on Mom who reinforces learning at home. It presents tons of flashcards for printing, categorised under occupations, food, animals, body parts and more. A great resource for parents indeed.

Abstracted from Young Parents magazine to keep an online bookmark in case I lose the mag, as well as to share with like-minded Mommies.

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