Saturday, January 22, 2011

my German bf got his rear assed

Yesterday, I reared Baby Mobile into a pillar with a LOUD BANG.
I was terrified and for a second I closed my eyes and my heart stopped beating, wondering what the hell I have done to my poor car this time.

But luckily, the extent of damage was not as terrible as I imagined, maybe because he is German. 1.5cm hairline dent, 1cm hairline dent, and a chip off the paint.
Anyway, Andy's reaction when I told him I gotta spend $ and time on repairs was "No need to repair lah since you always banging the car" ZZzzzzzZzzz .... Thanks for rubbing more salt in my wound, Hubby.
He said he should've bought me a Kangoo or Korean/Chinese car instead then I can go bang all I want and not feel the pinch -__-

The only reason why I rammed the car was because the pillar was white and as I was reversing, I couldnt see the pillar in my reverse camera due to the glare of the sun and the fact that the pillar was white.
Okay, no excuses for being careless. But an accident is an accident is an accident. Who wanted/expected it to happen? So anyway, I'm sending him to my mechanic early today morning first slot.

Lesson learnt: Lady drivers always get away with anything (at the mechanic's at least).
And: My hubby learnt not to buy me an expensive car.

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