Monday, January 24, 2011

Surprise present

Playdate with Adam's baby friend Morgan at the Twiss' home was arranged by Paul and my beloved Hubby.

Can you spot the Little Men's shoes at the corner?

Breathtaking pool view.

We then had dinner at nearby mall and after that, Adam pestered me to let him go on rides again.

I easily spent $20 on rides in 2 days. What happened to those 20-cent rides during our childhood? Now every ride is $1 or $2.
Time to teach our future generation a new word called "Inflation" I guess.

But really, the real purpose of today's playdate was because Hubby had purchased my surprise Birthday present and together with Paul, the guys arranged for the gift to be delivered to Paul's home so that I wouldnt suspect a thing.

Ta dah...

The ubiquitous phone. My husband wants me to snap out of my kuku-ness and join the 99% iPhone-crazed population.
Hubby thinks it's high time to replace my trashed up Nokia E71 which is falling apart at the "seams" because of over-throwing by a certain baby culprit *cough*, though I must clarify, I've never been one to be crazy over gadgets because of my technophobic nature.
As a matter of fact, I'm pretty contented with my trashed up phone (I drive to work and back so whats the use of a touch-screen phone as long as I have a phone which I can SMS and answer/make calls when needed right?) until my sis Charmaine commanded me to quickly get one. "Go and get an iPhone so we can gossip on Watsapp!" she ordered.
Ok, point taken.

Planning and ganging up with the Twiss to plant me a suprise birthday present 1 mth in advance is a very sweet move.
It doesn't matter what he gives me for my Birthday because I have everything a girl could possibly ask for - a doting husband, a happy baby, a complete family with loving parents and in-laws, friends who love me and whom I love just as much, food on my table, clothes on my back, and a nice car for my Push present as the icing on my already huge cake.
And new friends who go through the trouble to gang up with my husband on a weekday even though they don't know me well and didn't have to go through the hassle just to make my day.

Thank you Hubby. You're the best!
I'm a lucky girl :)

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