Monday, January 10, 2011

Our new home update.

Our new pad is ready anytime now, just awaiting key collection. I'm sooooo excited!
The aircons/ wardrobes/ cabinets are all up the last time we went to see with some future neighbours.

The balcony is gonna be my favourite hangout place in the house.
I want some Balinese outdoor furniture, rattan ball light, bird-nest ferns, safari plants, and water feature with koi fishies plsss!

We went choosing wallpaper with Kai the other weekend, finally had some headstart in the deco.
We're gonna paint a rainbow in his bedroom!


  1. Hi veron! Im so jealous of yr new home..hehe. Been eyein that estate for the longest time. Can u share with me how u go about applying for it? Email me at Your reply would very much be appreciated. Thanks


  2. Hi Fatalle Seductress, email sent ;)


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