Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sick on New Year!

While most people ushered in 2011 counting down at parties, for us, it was homebound.
First, Adam is fighting Bronchitis with antibiotics and 2 other types of med, then it was my turn to fall sick with a very bad throat, giddiness and nausea.
I coughed so hard I nearly threw up.
Adam too. coughing & coughing. Even in his sleep. He coughs till he's awakened by the phlegm choking his airway. Very sleep deprived & not the least bit funny. This must be the worst New Year in history.
I was literally worried sick.

Anyway, I've recovered 90% by now, but poor Adam is still coughing even after 5 days of antibiotics. I'm bringing him to the doctor's again tomorrow, which also means, he's going to miss the first few days of school! :(
We were so looking forward to school and now I am so disappointed.

Hope my little soldier recovers soon enough so he can go make friends. I'll keep everyone posted on his first day.

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