Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Off to schooooo

2nd week update: My happy bubs lugging his own school bag to school early morning.
When I dropped him off at the gate, he was apprehensive. Then when I wanted to leave, he started clinging to me by pulling my t-shirt, holding my hand and making sure I was in sight.
Teacher Joyce had to carry him and distract him while I sneaked away.

Immediately after I felt like crying. I think I'm such an emotional softee. I seem to be the one suffering from seperation anxiety instead!

Yesterday, he learnt about body parts, outlined his hand on a vanguard and made a puppet with the cutout. He ate all his cornflakes for breakfast and I am so happy.
Can't believe my dear baby is all grown up now.
Tissues for the poor Mommy please!

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