Sunday, September 20, 2015

{Media invite} Playeum official opening: Children's Centre for Creativity.

Playeum presents a dedicated creative space for children and families - the first of its kind in South-east Asia.
It is also Singapore's first Children's Centre for Creativity, and Adam and Ashton are honoured to be invited for its official opening.
At Playeum: inspired by this weekend's Formula 1 season, the Centre debuts its first exhibition with F1-themed "The art of speed".
The theme changes three times a year, ensuring a constantly refreshed space in which children can indulge in their imagination and creativity.

Pink elephant spotted at Playeum

Playeum Children's Centre for Creativity
Can an elephant be pink? Only in your imagination!

In Playeum, there are four spaces for your children to explore:
- The main space
- The dark space
- The workshop
- The play maker space
There are staff stationed at every station to render help to children. How awesome is that!

Main space: Create for Speed
In this main space, our children can experiment with zooming cars and ramps of different heights and sizes, with the vehicles they built from scratch.

F1 constructors in the making!

The Dark Space:
The first season opens with the beautiful Shadow Play installation by Creative Director Isabelle Desjeux.
This will be followed by the Speed of Light art by Patricia Zahnbrecher, and Light Painting by Isabelle Desjeux and Mahyuddin Chan.

Adam enjoyed playing with his shadows and creating different shapes and sizes of shadows by playing with the light source to create giants, dwarfs, tunnels and etc.
It got a little embarrassing when he refused to let Ashton have a turn at it and I had to threaten him. #angrydieme
The Workshop:
The workshop hosts a variety of stimulating programmes for children and parents to engage in in-depth explorations of speed through movement, visual art, and more.
This is also the space where birthday parties and special celebrations will be held.

The Play Maker space:
With an array of materials and tools to choose from, this space allows for meaningful experimentation where children and adults can build objects related to the theme of speed and try them out in other spaces. 

Here, Adam is making a racing car with large wheels from ribbon spools and the body of the car is made from a small piece of plank.
Chopsticks are taped to the bottom of the plank to hold the wheels.

Ta dah~!

Trying out his creation. Ashton followed suit and made the same thing.

Thank you Playeum, for this lovely opportunity for my children to be engaged in 2 full hours of hands-on fun without the use of electronics and gadgets.

Who'd have thought recycled materials can bring my children so much fun!
I highly encourage you to bring your children down to Playeum for some innovative fun to work their creative juices.

Location of Playeum:
Block 47 Malan Road
Gillman Barracks #01-21/23
Singapore 109444.

It is near Hort Park and when you see the signage "Gillman Barracks" at the road side, turn in and continue driving all the way in until you come to the end of the up-slope.

Child (ages 1-12): $20
Accompanying adult: FREE
Additional adult: $10.
Each child can admit 1 accompanying adult.

*Open everyday of the year except Mondays and Christmas day.

Special rates for schools and groups:
$10 per student.

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