Thursday, September 24, 2015

[Haze go where] Free indoor activities: Singapore Discovery Centre.

Being Hari Raya Haji today, we were ambitious and had initially wanted to go to East Coast beach for a picnic.
However, our plan was quickly shelved due to our Lion City being shrouded in thick smog.
Time to execute our haze contingent plan - FREE indoor activities.
Where in Singapore you ask?
Well, we went to Singapore Discovery Centre at 510 Upper Jurong Rd, 638365.
Tel: 6792 6188
Admission FREE for all Singaporeans and PRs.
Singapore Discovery Centre Singapore

Singapore Discovery Centre SG50

Love this SG50 quilt. I had wanted to make one using fabric squares cut out from Adam and Ashton's baby clothes, and even bought a Brother sewing machine, but never got down to doing it :P

Wah this one classic. I remember seeing this type of furniture in my Grandparents' homes when I was little.
I still remember the TV was in the form of a hugeass cabinet, with sliding doors.

Singapore Discovery Centre
Bet you didn't know that there are actually 10 religions in Singapore, did you?

Adam and Ashton at Singapore Discovery Centre, free indoor activities for children

Singapore Discovery Centre SG50 children free indoor activities

Not bad, got free defence games to play.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew SG50 Singapore Discovery Centre SDC
I cannot thank you enough, Mr Lee Kuan Yew!

Visitors to Singapore Discovery Centre can go to the main exhibition centre where you can watch movies, take the 3D rides, or simply walk around the museum.
Or you can also go to the Army Museum and take a bus-guided tour around the vicinity which includes the dormitories for Army, Navy, and Airforce officer cadets.
The tour also covers the Officer Cadet School with some information about their training and history.

The boys were fascinated by the displays of the army tanks and aircraft.
 More about the activities and exhibits at Singapore Discovery Centre HERE.
With the average 3-hourly PSI of 263, and the current PSI at 317 accurate as at 10.00pm Singapore time, it has reached hazardous levels and schools in Singapore have declared closure by MOE.
Everyone do stay safe indoors and mask up, oil up, diffuse up!

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