Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mid-Autumn festival: making Agar agar mooncakes for children.

As a traditional Singaporean Chinese, I love to celebrate the different Chinese festivities like Chinese New Year in Jan/Feb, Qing Ming prayers in April, eating ba-zhangs during Dumpling festival in May, eating mooncakes in August for the Mid-autumn festival, and also tang yuens for Winter Solstice in December.
I grew up watching my Mum wrap ba-zhangs (rice dumplings), and during Mid-Autumn 中秋节, tasting the different flavours for Mooncakes is a must in our household! Double-yolk, single yolk, nuts, lotus paste etc etc, you name it!
This year, I decide to try my hands on introducing my children to a new flavour they've yet to try:
Milo and Milk agar agar mooncake.
First and foremost, you will need the jelly moulds, which you can get for cheap at Kitchen Capers, Block 71, #01-531 Kallang Bahru Road Singapore 330071.
It's very easy to find this place from my home, I drive down PIE from East, then exit Kallang Bahru and it's on my right already.
Block 71 is like a heartland mart and Kitchen Capers is beside the hawker.
You see! Lotsa baking and cooking stuff at super cheap prices.

Any 3 for $5.

My kids always my Number 1 food-tester for any new stuff I cook.

Verdict: two thumbs up!
(Actually I ish asked Ashton to pose like that... muahahahaha.)

For the mooncake on the left, I had initially wanted to make a "yuen yang" pattern but then poured the Milk layer too late and most of the Milo layer had already hardened. Will try again next attempt.

Milo and milk agar agar mooncake (no bake) recipe:

Milo layer:
1 sachet plain agar agar powder
500 ml water
2 sachets 3-in-1 Milo powder

Milk layer:
1 sachet plain agar agar powder
500ml water
100ml evaporated milk (not condensed milk as condensed milk is too sweet)

Mix all powders well in a mixing bowl and bring to boil over slow fire.
Pour into jelly mould.
Let it sit and cool.

*2 sachets of the agar agar powder can make 2 moulds (total 8 jellies)

Meanwhile, you cook the Milk layer and pour on top of the Milo layer once the milo layer is semi-cool (when you gently shake the mould, the liquid should shake but when you touch the top, it forms a little dry film, something like a bowl of Campbell soup left sitting for some time).

Once you complete the different layers, you can pop them into the refrigerator and let it set.
 P.S. Another Mom blogger has shared a similar recipe before: using Soy milk.

P.P.S. Edit to add: There's another shop called Bake King at Haig Road which sells the mooncake jelly moulds for $3 each.
Block 10 Haig Road, #01-363/365, 430010.
Tel: 67428388
Easy peasy lemon squeezy right?
Happy Mid-Autumn festival in advance! :)

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