Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Free butterfly enclosure in the heartland: Tampines Changkat Butterfly Garden.

Even though I didn't grow up in the Eastern side of Singapore, I married into the East and have since fell in love with the convenience and sustainability of it :)
We have everything conceivable here in Tampines/ Simei, there's really not a need to step into town at all. Banking, shopping, food, schools, library, everything is within reach.
As a matter of fact, the only time I need to go to Orchard is for my dental appointments once a month.
Recently, while looking for free places to visit during the September school holidays, I found out a hidden gem tucked in the midst of Tampines heartland - the Tampines Changkat Butterfly Garden.
It's about 15 minutes walk from Tampines MRT if you just follow the path all the way under the MRT track. It's pretty straightforward and you won't likely get lost.
However, you can also take bus 292 from Tampines Bus Interchange if you don't drive or don't wish to walk.

Location: Block 124 Tampines Street 11, opposite Qiao Nan Primary School (which had been announced in end-2014 that there are plans for the school to close down)

Getting nearer...Can see the enclosure now.

Quite a wide variety of butterfly species I must say. I wonder how many I can spot??

Some quick facts about Tampines Changkat Butterfly Garden:
It is currently 132sqm big and there are plans by the zone's MP Ms Irene Ng to expand it by next year (2016).
Visitors to the butterfly garden, which has more than 100 butterflies flitting about during dry weather, can view the creatures up close at a gathering deck.
Said Tampines GRC MP Irene Ng, who pushed for the garden in 2011: "It is the only butterfly garden within a housing estate in Singapore and is meant to inculcate among residents a love for nature and its conservation, and to provide a beautiful and soothing retreat within an estate." 
My review of this garden is that it is beautiful and well-maintained, very clean and to my pleasure, I did see many beautiful butterflies fluttering around, dancing gracefully in close vicinity around me.
I was actually expecting it to be disappointing with just a couple of random butterflies but I was so wrong.
One thing however, it is more suitable for adults and older children because young kids may not see the beauty of observing butterflies, and it is not really an enclosed play area.
If you have primary school kids who are keen in learning about butterflies for science, then this is a very nice place to visit.
Anyway, it is free so I don't see why not.
Perhaps can wait until the park has undergone full expansion and upgrading next year to visit.

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