Wednesday, September 30, 2015

{Haze go where} Free indoor activites: Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3.

Since we live in the East, one of our favourite places to bring to children to has to be Changi Airport.
Recently, I am trying to find some free indoor places to bring the children to in this hazy weather and Changi Airport is a no-brainer location, winning hands-down for us.
Kids get to run around freely, watch planes landing and take off, and there are also many activities they can do which doesn't cost a single cent.
Like sketching and stenciling:

Or going on the infamous Slide @ T3.

There's also a free playground next to The Slide with benches and eateries beside.

Adam's and Ashton's favourite shop has to be Soda Pop which selles Tomica cars and race tracks.
They enjoy bringing their cars for free play with other children on this racing track table.

As long as you bring your own cars you can play for free, otherwise you can purchase any TOMICA car at the shop.

We love Changi Airport!

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