Friday, September 4, 2015

SMB Mummies and children outing: Yakult factory educational tour.

It's Teacher's Day today and when school's out, it can only mean one thing: the little terrors are unleashed upon their poor parents!
Luckily, Mummy Evelyn from organized a group tour to Yakult factory at Senoko for a group of us Mummies & our kiddos.

With the help of GPS, I finally drove from East to North and reached without getting lost :P

My kids are HUGE Yakult consumers. They drink 2-3 bottles daily, EACH (ZzzZz).
My children are so scary to feed :P Forever hungry and thirsty one (but still so skinny).

Free Yakult for everyone!
My colleague and fellow Mummy-friend Wendy and her sons YuQi (7) and Allan (5).

PS. Ashton is in one of those phases now and no forces can stop him - he's a soldier and goes the whole day with that helmet (you'll see in  the group photo at the end of the tour).

Fellow Mummy-blogger Serene and her Mum, and Xavier (7) and Vera (2).

Very seriously attending lesson on digestive system.

Any idea how long is the small intestine?

Ans: about 6-7m long.

Every bottle of Yakult (100ml) contains 10 BILLION good bacteria.

What is Yakult made of?
Ans: Skim milk, L. Casei Shirota (the good bacteria), glucose.

Did you know: Singapore is the only country that Yakult is produced in 4 flavours: Grape, Green Apple, Orange, and Original.
Other countries' Yakult only comes in Original flavour.

Rows and rows, tens of thousands bottles of Yakult being produced on a daily basis.
Click on the video below to see the Yakult bottle mould at work.

We learned so much during this tour :)
Do you know when the best time to consume Yakult is?
It's actually at the end of a meal. I always thought it's best on an empty stomach! *horror of horrors!*
P.S. Did you also know that in Japan, Yakult is not available in shops or supermarkets. You can only purchase Yakult from the Yakult lady in Japan!
Unlike in Singapore, Yakult is readily available can - petrol kiosks, convenience stores, canteens, foodcourts, supermarts, even Mama shops etc etc!
Oh, the things we take for granted in Singapore!

Mandatory group shot! So many mummies, daddies and kiddos!
Adam made a new friend and they super can click until Emmanuel's mummy suggested a playdate already!
My Ashton still in his helmet. Not hot meh? *sweat*

At the end of the factory guided tour, everyone can purchase each packet of Yakult for SGD$2.70 (UP $3.05 at NTUC, price correct as on 04 Sept 2015).
If you're interested to visit Yakult factory, you may contact them at:
Tel: 67561033
Address: 7 Senoko Avenue, Singapore 758300.
Tours are conducted Mondays - Fridays
Morning session: 10:00am - 11:30am
Afternoon session: 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Capacity: Min 25 pax - 60 pax.
Admission is Free-of-charge. Parking is also FOC.

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