Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Saturday!

I'm really excited that the weekend is finally here!
What a busssyyyy week for us leh... with Baby A and spending the whole week keeping our appointments. Met our financial planner twice lor!
But finally we settled our investments and Baby A's insurance plans. (Heaves a huge sigh of relief!)

So today, being Saturday, Andy was a good Daddy who woke up early to bathe Baby A and we left him in Andy's mum's care while we went Vivo City (again) for shopping.
I'm really thankful to have sucha wonderful MIL who is competent in caring for Baby A and best of all she doesnt mind and in fact enjoys spending time with him.
Aint I lucky to have my Mum, Andy's mum and Aunt LY to help me out with our Little Rascal :) Time to plan for Princess Valentina? muaahahahaha~ just kidding

Okays back to shopping at Vivo City.. Yes I love going to Vivo City because it's so family-friendly (read: Many baby stores :P )
Bought some MORE BabyGAP tees and pants for Baby A again, and bought some clothes for us too.

This is my favourite of today's shopping loot! :

Ultimate Frisbee Champ

Yes, without a doubt my baby will grow up to be Ultimate Frisbee & Dogsports trainer like his Mummy and Daddy haha

Back to the topic...

This is Baby A dressed up for dinner with Ah Gong and Ah Ma.

Looking Ah Beng in his red color Fah-lah-li. Manual transmission somemore - by his parents. Ahem.

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