Friday, July 10, 2009

It's crazy 'round here

I need to declutter and organise Kai Kai's stuff...
The entire house is filled with his toys - musical mobile, rattles, Disney playgyms, rocker, Chicco bath toys...
and his wardrobe is a mess of clothes - Newborn, 0-3mos, 3-6mos, 6-9mos, 9-12mos, 12-18mos....

I have already packed 2 bags of items for my preggy friend Siling - some brand new GAP and Mothercare rompers, NUK teats, AVENT bottles, pregnancy book...
How come the piles of stuff never seem to reduce?

I'm having a headache just opening his drawer chests and staring at those piles and piles of clothes. How to organise? By size? By outings/home wear? By color (white/ baby blue/ navy blue/ grey/ stripes/ patterns)? By tops/bottoms/pants with feet/ pants wo feet/ shorts/ singlets/ rompers??? -__-'

I still have lotsa stuff at my Mum's - his books, block toys, stuffed toys, reading blocks, picture cards, 2 rockers! Thankfully she has allocated one section of her wardrobe for Kai's stuff.
Seriosuly just how many rockers does a baby need? Ans: As many as his grandparents desire haha..
You see, 1 is gift from Grandpa Tan. 1 is gift from Grandma Zhen, 1 is a bouncing chair.

At home, Kai has 3 beds - his classic white cot, a hammock, and our bed.
During the day he sleeps in his hammock. At night he sleeps in his cot until his 4am feed, afterwhich he sleeps in our bed in between Andy & I (for my convenience of breastfeeding)

I cant take a picture of our house and his wardrobe because it may scare you.
Indeed, my son is living like royalty.
Okays, getting my ass off blogging and to pack his stuff now. Ciao~

Meanwhile, some photos to keep you occupied:

Whatcha lookin' at?


Throwing tantrums

Still throwing tantrums: BISH BASH KICK

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