Monday, November 23, 2009

Toot Toot

I am really amazed and impressed to learn that the new car has Automatic Rain Sensor function which will automatically activate the wiper when it rains, and it also has a built-in turbo timer.

Me to Andy: Eh dear, the engine is still running even though I switched it off already.
Andy: Yah, that is why you dont need a timer. Everything is automated. It will decide for itself how long it needs to cool down before switching off.
Me *genuinely amazed and grinning*: WOW so brilliant! This car is a Transformer right??
Andy *looking at me blankly*: No, the car is not Transformer. You are Toot Toot. (Blur blur)
Me: 0__O

Apparently, I'm very suaku according to Andy. -__-

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