Sunday, November 1, 2009

What a loooongg Saturday for a Preggy me

My Saturday started at 8.30am because we had an appt to go Mt Alvernia for our fetal anomaly scan.
Arrived there late, well because stupid Andy insisted he wasn't tired and wanted to watch 140min-long Red Cliff 2 on Friday night.
I always know not to trust everything guys say, now to reinforce that belief.

Parking at Mt Alvernia was a beech as well because there were so little parking lots and so many cars! Most available lots were reserved for doctors and handicapped.
They say men are like parking lots, the good ones are taken, the rest are handicapped.
You begin to think there is some truth in that.

Ok, so we got to the Diagnostic Imaging Department of the hospital - more waiting for our turn."If I wait any longer, what's gonna turn up in the ultrasound would be my poo poo" I said to Andy, to which he responded with a frown and half-smile.
Finally, the sonograper called my name.
Yay! Andy was grinning like a proud Dad, his sideburns tingling with anticipation to see our baby after the long wait.
When you are about to become a parent, waiting for that monthly antenatal scan seems eternity.
Few weeks ago, he reminded me "Hon, you remember when is our next appointment?"
Few days ago, he reminded me "Hon, this Saturday we can go see baby already."
On Friday, he duly reminded me "Hon, tomorrow we can go see baby already.. so excited!"

The sonographer - a pleasant young lady wearing lab coat - ushered us into a dimly lit room and I promptly lied down, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled up my blouse.
A good Brazilian wax is worth it - not just in the bedroom or at the beach.
The sonographer went over each and every vital organ in detail and measured the spine, the femur, the head etc.
"Looks like a boy. You can see something in between the legs" she pointed with the cursor.
Actually, I couldnt make out anything on the screen because I was lying flat and the images looked a sea of black and white to me.
How disappointing.
Me: (pointing to something round which looks like a scrotum to me) What is this?
Sonographer: "The hand"
Ok I give up. I obviously am not very good at ultrasound-deciphering.
"This is your baby's face. You can see the 2 eyes, the lips"... she went on.
As she went on describing our baby's anatomy to us, I could feel my frustration rising because I obviously cant make out most of them.
What eyes? What lips?! I thought the entire face looked like a whole egg - round and without features.

In the end, I just lay there like a defeated soldier as Andy looked and listened on.
I was quite peeved, only I didnt go around shouting "I CANT SEE MY BABY'S COCK"
After the appointment, it was already 12noon.
Decided to grab lunch before supposedly meeting Charmaine and Meena.

In the end, we didnt meetup because the girls decided to spend the afternoon at Arab Street while Andy & I were in town for his haircut and some shopping.
While waiting for Andy to have his haircut, I went to Mothercare to look at prams and strollers and baby stuff.
I didnt know baby stuff are so expensive! A newborn overall from Baby GAP easily costs $25.Even the cheapest stroller costed $139 on discount.
The most expensive in the store was $899! A 3-wheel multi-terrain stroller with HUGE spiked wheels for going on grass and sand.
I dont have many friends with kids - only 3 whom I seek advice from.
They all seem to have 2 prams - a heavy duty one for going to the zoo/grass/walk the dogs, and a lightweight cheapo one for chugging around and going shopping with.

And with advice from my friends like - 3-wheel strollers are easier to steer.
Make sure the front wheel can swivel so it's easier to maneuver, and the wheels must be big enough to go up and down kerbs and wont get stuck in drain covers and grills.

Andy: "Our baby needs one with 12-inch rims and change the suspension.. he is going to Pram Rally - P1!"
Do I smell trouble brewing?!
We popped in Times bookstore and browsed through pregnancy books.
I pointed an interesting line to Andy which says at 20 weeks your baby's external ears have developed and can hear noises inside the uterus and from the outside world.

So, Andy has replaced the word "dick" with "dictionary".

"Honey, do you wanna read my dictionary?" which I cant help but laugh out loud!
By the time we were done shopping and walking around, my hips and lower back hurt, and I was feeling drained.It's been a long day for me!

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