Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nearer and nearer

My toes are tingling in anticipation of the long weekend which will be in 2 days' time!
Last day of the work week tomorrow and I will devote all my undivided attention to:
- Hubby
- Baby Adam
- Waxing partner Charmaine
- Huiwen's wedding!

Er ok lah, not undivided attention already, but I am extremely excited and happy! HEHE

P.S. Still pondering what to get for Hubby and Baby Adam for Xmas.
Every weekend also buying things for Baby Adam, as if every weekend is Xmas.. . SO what will the real Xmas presents be??? I also dont know what I want for Xmas.. *scratches head*


  1. ehh yr xmas pressie not the transformer ah? kekeke

  2. Eh Transformer arrived 1 mth before Xmas leh.. I just want something ... even a small thing like some handcreme or whatever... just to signify my 1st Ever Xmas with Baby A as a family :)


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