Monday, March 15, 2010

For being good

For being a wonderfully behaved boy over the weekend and this morning, Mummy splurged a little on United Colors of Benetton tees & a pair of Osh Kosh shoes for my Darling son :)

I can't believemy Baby is turning into a Toddler soon! He can wear shoes meant for tods! *sniff sniff* *dabs eyes*

Well, the past coupla weeks have been rough - Andy's grandma wasn't feeling too good and Andy's mum had to bring Adam over to the Grandma's to look after her.
As a result, the chores at home weren't done, Adam wasn't rested, and everyone was e x t r e m e l y frustrated and exhausted!
I was late for work almost everyday for about 30min, the only day I wasn't late was I think Wednesday. Then the following week I was still dead beat, and I took 1 day MC - again.
Andy was sleep-deprived, MIL was overworked, my boss was angry, I was cranky, Adam was irritable.
Yeah, you get the drift.

So well, anyway, this weekend that just passed was beautiful *touch wood* Phew.
We didn't go out on Sunday and just stayed home to recuperate.
Adam didn't wake up in the middle of the night to scream and demand to sleep on our bed.
I got my beauty sleep and wasn't late for work this morning.
and and and... The new maid is coming.

I just hope it stays this way cos next week I'm having classes again!

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