Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday: Baby Kai goes to Universal Studios

Haha kind of..
After attending Kai's cousin Huihui's 1st birthday, Daddy & Mummy brought our darling son to Resort World Sentosa.
It was not as crowded as we imagined, maybe because Singaporeans need to pay $100 to enter the Casino? Haven't gamble already lost $100... Zzzz.
We sure are glad we signed up for our Crown Casino membership back in Melbourne, cos that's FREE lifetime membership and we are entitled to free parking and discounts in the entire Crown complex!

Mummy's lil Prince Charming

Mummy's boys

I ditched my original idea of red stilettos-with-skinny-jeans combi for my trusty pair of Ferragamo ballet flats, which I'm glad I did cos of all the walking!

Other than the unforgiving weather, we did enjoy ourselves, and Baby Kai is wearing a Zara humour tee which says "My Mum is prettier than your mum" :P
I thought the slogan was just pure fun, until a dear friend pointed out that perhaps it was apt for a certain copycat who's not just that, but rather, a thief who's always stealing my ideas and style. Didn't occur to me then... Oops!
I'm not so mean, really! So anyways, we ended the day by having dinner at Changi Airport T3.

What a day it has been for us. Good night folks!

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