Friday, March 12, 2010

Jap dinner at Hanabi

These days, we bring Baby Adam everywhere. Poor him gotta endure his parents' crappy long meals pigging out while he is confined to highchair and can only drink milk / eat his porridge Hehe

Tonight we brought him to Hanabi at King's Arcade, Coronation.
Hanabi serves awesome sliced beef which I keep ordering.

Baby Adam at his seat.

I love the place - quiet and cosy, extremely baby-friendly. The staff brings warm water for milk and Baby Adam even has his own dining set.

Eating his brown rice porridge, organic, no less.

Daddy A and Baby A:

Mummy & her little man:

Plans for the weekend:
- Start on my 2500 word essay.
- Bring my car to repair my $2k rims. -__- ( I had a minor accident at the MSCP)
- Go to Taka Baby Fair with Meena

That's the problem with driving good cars. You are just so scared of even the tiniest scratch. Super heartache and waste of time leaving the car in the workshop for hours. Ouch!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!
V :)

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