Sunday, March 28, 2010

Laundry service

I'm gonna show this pic to his gf next time LOL
On a bright and happy Sunday morning, Mummy's lil darling is helping with the laundry. Hahaha!
Can you see the heap of clothes in the background? That's what life with a baby is - not worth getting upset about dishes not washed, laundry not done. Guess we just have to buy more clothes! LOL
Baby Kai has taught us to lighten & loosen up and not sweat the small stuff :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ingredients of Diaper Cakes

Hi everyone! The week has been hectic for me so my apologies for the short absence!
I had school every night of the week, and I saw very little of Baby Kai. When I came home, he was sleeping, when I left for work, he was still asleep. Can you imagine my heartache?

Well, it's all over now, I managed to finish a huge chunk of one of my essays, thank God for that!

And now to answer all the Mommies' emails!
I've received numerous emails pertaining to the ingredients for the diaper cakes, and pardon me for not replying your emails (because of you know why).. so here goes:

- 10 pc disposable diapers
- 1 hooded towel
- 5 pairs baby socks
- 1 wash cloth

- 32 pc disposable diapers
- 1 pink dress
- 1 pair pink sandals
- 1 hair clip

Didn't realise that it's a longggg weekend next week, else I would've arranged a short trip with Hubby and Baby Kai! But I have to say, it's near-impossible with my school and work.

Okays enough ranting. Ciao folks :D

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Before we knew it

Our weekend came and went before we could even catch our breath, but it was a great weekend with rain and cooling weather :D
We managed to get some chores done as well - sent the car for repair of rims and full grooming; bought ingredients for some diaper cakes I'm going to bake this month, brought Baby Adam back to my parents' place for dinner, went to have my haircut.

My lil munchkin enjoying some time playing on his own before we went out:

So cheerful, so happy. He lights up our lives :)

A 2-tier diaper cake done! This is for Adam's cousin's 1st Birthday the coming Sunday (28 March).

I have another 2 more diaper cakes to bake, all girlsssssss! All for Adam's cousins :)
It is so fun shopping for girly frocks and pretty shoes for baby girls, even though they aren't for mine. I wish I have a daughter as well!
I don't bake Diaper Cakes for profit, only for my family & friends, however if you wanna DIY a diaper cake, feel free to drop a comment or email me at I will be more than happy to help you with baking one!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another busy week

Happy one-month-older to Baby Kai today!
Time flies, in 2 month's time my Baby is officially a Tod!

I've been super busy again all of a sudden, with lots of errands to run after work, and meeting to attend which dragged on till an hour after my official knock-off time.
I also can't believe how tough it is to maintain short hair.
I need a haircut again, barely only 3 weeks since I last cut my concave bob!

This weekend is gonna be another of those busy weekends:
- Drop Kai off at my folks'
- Go for haircut in Orchard
- Andy to send car for repair (didn't manage to get it done last week due to longgg waiting Q)
- Prepare for next week's classes
- Andy has wedding dinner to attend next Monday which I have to miss due to class (which translates to Mummy having to go home after class to look after Baby Kai)

If we're really lucky, and if time permits, we wanna go to Universal Studios!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stokke Xplory spotted

Stokke Xplorys spotted at Takashimaya Baby Dept yesterday.
This foreign couple with not one but TWO Stokkes. That's $5k worth of pram!
The green one is being pushed by whom seems like a nurse, with another one in blue uniform following behind.
Either the babies are very sick, or the parents are very rich man! Though I reckon is the latter :P
Maybe in future I'll dress my helper up in Nurse uniform also HAHAHA just kidding!

For the uninitiated, Stokke Xplory is what Celebrity Daddy Seal is using as well.

and that's what my sista is intending to get sometime soon*whoot!*

It looks really cyber doesn't it?
When I showed her the pic, she went "So super right?!! I want I want I want!" Teehehe

Monday, March 15, 2010

For being good

For being a wonderfully behaved boy over the weekend and this morning, Mummy splurged a little on United Colors of Benetton tees & a pair of Osh Kosh shoes for my Darling son :)

I can't believemy Baby is turning into a Toddler soon! He can wear shoes meant for tods! *sniff sniff* *dabs eyes*

Well, the past coupla weeks have been rough - Andy's grandma wasn't feeling too good and Andy's mum had to bring Adam over to the Grandma's to look after her.
As a result, the chores at home weren't done, Adam wasn't rested, and everyone was e x t r e m e l y frustrated and exhausted!
I was late for work almost everyday for about 30min, the only day I wasn't late was I think Wednesday. Then the following week I was still dead beat, and I took 1 day MC - again.
Andy was sleep-deprived, MIL was overworked, my boss was angry, I was cranky, Adam was irritable.
Yeah, you get the drift.

So well, anyway, this weekend that just passed was beautiful *touch wood* Phew.
We didn't go out on Sunday and just stayed home to recuperate.
Adam didn't wake up in the middle of the night to scream and demand to sleep on our bed.
I got my beauty sleep and wasn't late for work this morning.
and and and... The new maid is coming.

I just hope it stays this way cos next week I'm having classes again!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Big ONE

Andy & I spent countless hours planning Baby Adam's birthday bash and we wanna make sure it is immaculate.
Andy is in fact, the brains behind the venue and party deco.
I'm in-charge of what I have a flair for *ahem* - Designing :)

The invite:

Back of invite:

The Thank You tag for Goodie packs:

I don't care if you call me kiasu, but planning a FIRST birthday, especially for a FIRST baby/grandson/nephew is, undoubtedly, nerve-wrecking and therefore demands the greatest efforts and time from the parents.
I spent hours designing these months ahead.

And because I spent so much effort and time on designing these, I'd be just happy if all you do is - ask - for the softcopy if you're intending to use my design.

The theme: Mickey and Baby Disney gang.
Baby Adam doesn't have a favourite character yet, and we thought of choosing Mickey as a classic character that will never go out of date even if he were to look at his photos 20 yrs later.

The venue: Andy & I both decided congruently that no chalets, no hotel buffets, no condo function-rooms for our son's 1st. We don't want to do what all other parents are doing, and in our opinion - if you hold a baby's party at these places, you're doing it more for the sake of your invitees than your child's enjoyment. We chose Toy Museum for Baby Adam, because it is afterall his party. He deserves a bash, not just a venue where all other kids held theirs. Thanks to Hubby for being the brains behind it, we managed to secure the entire Museum for our private use on that evening! but of cos to keep the crowd manageable, we are gonna limit the guests to only 2 floors Tee hee.

The invites: I decided to make them as Admission Passes for our guests, which they have to present to the staff at the entrance. Courtesy of the Museum for giving us permission to use their Logo and Map :)

Now, what we need to do:
- Order cake (still can't decide whether to bake or buy)
- Order balloons and banner
- Buy and customise our Goodie packs

I will post more about the Birthday Planning and putting everything together as we get to it :)


It's Spring (or is it all-time Summer in Singapore) so you might as well gear up for the HEAT!

Baby Adam is dressed in tees and surf shorts these days, unless we go to the malls. This Pumpkin Patch board shorts from Melbourne has UV protection. How cool is that?

He was playing, standing, cruising along furniture until his whole head and tee were drenched in sweat before dozing off to a nice nap in this funny pose. Hahaha
How nice it is to be a baby!

Takashimaya Baby Fair

EVENT: Taka Baby Fair
VENUE: Takashimaya Atrium near the fountain
DATES: 11 Mar - 28 March 2010

Went there with Meena and our men in tow.
It was crowded as expected, and we went to check out the baby monitors, carseats, and s t r o l l e r s.
I had every intention to buy a lightweight one, either from Aprica or Combi.
I love Aprica's pretty designs, but I had to face it - even its 4-swivel wheel stroller can't beat the Combi Miracle Turn in terms of functionality, because Combi MT has auto-lock of wheels, whichever way your stroller is facing: parent- or front-facing.

But Daddy A wasn't too keen on another stroller for Baby A.
Andy: He has been through 4 strollers (Baby Ace, Combi, Maclaren, Bugaboo) even before he turned 8 months old. How many strollers do you wanna buy? You just bought the Bugaboo so why does he need another one?

I am not a spendthrift. I just tend to pamper Baby A, often too much.
Sometimes I think men really have no idea. Hmmph. I should've just left him at home while I went with Meena. So anyhow, we left the fair without buying anything except for wetwipes.

And since we're on the topic of fairs, I think some parents are just so inconsiderate.
It was insanely crowded, but we were lucky enough to find a bench just outside the parameters of the fair so I sat down to feed Baby A his lunch while Andy went to buy some finger food.
While waiting for Andy to come back, another Mom with 2 toddlers came and sat down at what was supposed to be Andy's seat.
I was gracious enough to let them have the seat but that stupid mother didn't even have the brains to discipline her chicldren. Her 2 kids were trying to climb onto the bench and nearly kicked and toppled Baby A's drink and food. GRRRRR!!
Without hesitation, I scolded the mother to be careful with her children.

I mean, if someone was kind enough to let me have a seat in a super-crowded mall, I would be more than grateful and make sure Adam doesn't misbehave. Isn't that common sense?

Some parents are just overtly concerned about having a place in top schools, sending them for enrichment classes they don't enjoy, shouting orders after orders at their poor children to "Sit still and don't move can?", "Stand properly can anot! I cannot see lah!" (yes that was what I witnessed of a mother shoe-shopping for her daughter and the girl stood with one leg slightly behind the other), "Don't sit on the floor dirty!" and Dont-do-this-dont-do-that.
And these are the same kind of parents who can't even speak proper English in a single sentence and they wanna send their kids to top schools...( "This one not your one you don't take I tell you hor") yet they don't bother to teach their children basic things like consideration, manners, kindness to animals and humility.

Ok, enough ranting already. Don't wanna ruin my precious weekend :)
Ciao folks!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Jap dinner at Hanabi

These days, we bring Baby Adam everywhere. Poor him gotta endure his parents' crappy long meals pigging out while he is confined to highchair and can only drink milk / eat his porridge Hehe

Tonight we brought him to Hanabi at King's Arcade, Coronation.
Hanabi serves awesome sliced beef which I keep ordering.

Baby Adam at his seat.

I love the place - quiet and cosy, extremely baby-friendly. The staff brings warm water for milk and Baby Adam even has his own dining set.

Eating his brown rice porridge, organic, no less.

Daddy A and Baby A:

Mummy & her little man:

Plans for the weekend:
- Start on my 2500 word essay.
- Bring my car to repair my $2k rims. -__- ( I had a minor accident at the MSCP)
- Go to Taka Baby Fair with Meena

That's the problem with driving good cars. You are just so scared of even the tiniest scratch. Super heartache and waste of time leaving the car in the workshop for hours. Ouch!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!
V :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I can't figure out how to use my new laptop - other than the Internet Explorer. I'm sucha Technophobic!
I can't seem to find the product key for MS Office 2007, no matter how hard I try, clicking on the links on microsoft website leading to more links and more, more links!
It's like Click here to enter your 25-character product key -> Free trial user? Click here for product key; Full version user? Click here for product key.
*click click click* then -> Click on this link to dowload your FREE version of MS Office now.
We're sorry, but the 25-character product key you entered is not valid. Please verify and enter your product key.

ARGHHHHhhh dammit.

I remembered buying my old laptop slightly more than 3 yrs ago, and had the Ah Beng at Sim Lim Square install everything for me and I just had to bring it home to turn it on, viola!
I don't remember having to go through all the hassle I have to now, and I certainly don't understand why technology has become more a complication than a convenience nowadays.

You know it's like when you desperately wanna call your credit card company or the bank and you get put through lists and lists of voice-automated choices?
Press 1 for your Account enquiry. . . . till you reach the point "Press 9 to f***ing scold the operator for putting you through so many options yet still no human operator on the line?!?!" and you forgot what Options 2 - 8 were about!!

I'm a Full-time working Mom doing my Part-time Bachelors with a full-on 9-mths+ Baby on my hands! I don't have all the time to press here, click there, lah!

Why can't Internet and Banks make things a little more user-friendly (read: idiot-proof)??

Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Kai's sippy

Baby Kai loves his bottle, but I'm trying to teach him how to drink from a sippy as well.
He's pictured drinking cow's milk from Australia.

When we were in Aussie, I learned that the Angmoh moms give their babies fresh cow's milk once their babies start semi-solids.
Here, they don't recommend giving cow's milk to your baby until at least 1 year of age, but I am sure there is nothing majorly wrong in giving cow's milk either, as long as your baby is receiving full nurtrition from his food and/or BM/FM.

Ragi porridge

Abstract from Asian baby recipe book:
"Ragi, also known as finger millet, is an excellent source of iron and calcium. It is also rich in Methionine, an amino acid lacking in most cereals."

My colleague VJ was very nice to buy this for me because I had absolutely no idea where to get Ragi flour. I tried many branches of NTUC and Cold Storage in vain.

Ragi has a starchy taste to it so I sweeten it by adding fruits or yoghurt.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brunch at Prima Tower

Baby Adam had Dim Sum brunch at Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant today to celebrate my Father-in-law's birthday.

"I have 4 teeth now!"

Our weekend came and went in a whiz before I even had time to recuperate!
A birthday here, a shopping trip there, back to my folks' place, etc.

We brought Baby Adam to Vivo City on Saturday and no trip to Vivo City is complete without making stops at Toys R Us, and the flagship Mothercare at Harbourfront.
We bought a Fisher Price toy wagon for Baby Adam, more puzzle mats, organic food from the Harbourfront organic store, and other barangs.

Very tempted to buy Bugaboo accessories to accessorise his pram, but I think what we really need is another lightweight compact stroller. Duh!
You see, I sold his Combi Miracle Turn thinking we could didnt need so many prams but seems like he cant fit into Maclaren Quest Sport anymore, the straps are too tight even at the max length, and Maclaren doesnt have the safety bar in front. Looks like Mummy sold the wrong pram :(
Our Bugaboo is brilliant, but every parent needs a lightweight stroller to chug along to the malls so that all the shopping can fit into the boot.

Baby Adam needs:
- a lightweight stroller
- a new diaper bag (his current one is giving way)
- new shoes (Mummy has no time to shop for a suitable soft sole pair)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Table for Three at Shangri-La

had a dinner date at Shangri-La tonight, and what used to be Table for Two is now of course, Table for Three :)

My dates!

My chirpy Bubs :D

Mr Popular waving "hi" to every patron around us...
The girls behind...

The Russians beside...

"hello Mummy!"


Monday, March 1, 2010

Hanging out with the Ladies

Were hanging at Angeline's & Sean's new pad at Tanjong Ria. Neat little studio apt for 2 pax.
Really trendy & cosy!

Daddy & his mini

The crazy aunty who declared to everyone that she's gonna breastfeed him! Muahahaha!

Carol: "No Adam you cannot eat those pearls, they are not ORGANIC!"

The hot babes showing off flawless legs!

Some bedroom photos...

Carol: "Come, let's take Doggy-position photos on your bed!"
I need to remove Baby Adam from this bad influence! -__-

Baby Kai and sexy ladies on the bed, including his (self-acclaimed) hot Mom with her new hairdo :P

By the way, Thanks for the lovely Swarovski birthday present gals :)

Organic apple snacks

Baby Kai loves this. It comes in handy especially when we are visiting during the CNY period and go to homes that are not baby-friendly, which is like, 99% of the time, since he is the 1st baby for both sides of the family.

It keeps him happily chewing and he forgets about other distractions - table clothes, wires, glassware etc, until it is time to go to the next house. ^_^