Thursday, February 25, 2010

27.. But none the wiser!

Last year, Andy & the gals fixed a surprise Birthday Party for me. So did they this year, but I still didn't suspect a thing and got fooled into another surprise party again!
Two years in a row and still none the wiser! Shame on me! LOL

When we walked to Lava from our car, first caught sight of these 2 women.. Then I knew!

Our family shot.

Chris baked this. Isn't she AWESOME?

My crazy friends roped in the staff at Lava to sing my Birthday song as well... *blush*

Surrounded by the people who matter :D

The candle kept reigniting, giving me more wishes! HEHE

Crazy Maine & I

I feel like a Princess again, after all these YEARS!

Adam: "Oh just gimme the darn cake already!"

Another happy family shot: Chern Wei, Nat Nat & Chris.

The Godma.

Mr Popular being passed around by the aunties / jiejie.

My girls & 1 Prince! Besties forever!

I LOVE YA ALL! Thanks for giving me a Fantabulous Birthday every year.
The surprises and presents are a bonus. Your company is Godsend.

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