Monday, February 22, 2010

Good times in Melbourne - Crown Casino and the city

On Saturday 20 Feb 2010, Aunty Irene, my uncle and cousin Phil were so kind to babysit Baby Adam so we spent the entire day in town with Jacq.

Jacq signed us in with her VIP membership, but in the end we signed ourselves for the membership too. Spent many hours inside the casino gambling - in the end we won AUD$25, which paid for our free icecream later on at Trampoline. hahaha

Strolling down the city and taking what Melbourne's all about - art & culture.

Flinders train station

Being the only state in Australia to have tram, surely it was worth taking the free City Circle tram around town!

My brother Junwen and cousin Jacq.

Hopped off at Harbourtown and did more walking, back to the city!

By the time we got back to Crown (where we parked for free due to casino membership), it was dark. We collected the car and headed to Lygon st (little Italy) for Papa Gino's italian food.

Ok, that's all folks!

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