Thursday, February 25, 2010


From the gals:

Did I mention I love STICKY? But it's one of those items I can't bear to buy for myself because they look too good to be eaten. How nice it is to have them given to me :]
I'm chewing on one as I type this and it tastes like Barbie & cupcakes. Yum!

Oh, I need this so! I've wanted this gadget forever! Ok, maybe not forever, but ever since I got my car - because I am a kayu driver who loses my way one time too many.
Thank you girls!

And from the main man:

Another Chanel to add to my collection.

And a laptop from Hubby too!
I havent even bought any pressie for myself yet because you all bought everything I need & want already!

Thank you so much my babes and Hubz. You're all undoubtedly the very best people God created in my life!

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