Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busy start to an intensively busy year

I started school this week. That's right - Mummy has gone back to the books.
In case you're wondering, I have 2 Diplomas, and now I am doing my Bachelor of Science.
I had initially wanted to take up Psychology, majoring in Childhood Learning or the sort (I'm sick of doing Geriatric nursing already).
However, I decided to take up my area of work instead because with Nursing, I could branch into Paediatrics, but with Psychology, I couldn't branch into Nursing.

Time to brace up and get my act together for an extremely insane year ahead!
It's only the 1st week and I've been loaded with heaps of e-learning and a 200-word assignment -__-"
I sat with Baby Kai in the living room, my notes and highlighters all over the place, and Baby Kai in his rocker.

How do I feel about school?
I feel young again, being a student comes with privileges like cheaper canteen food and of course, forging new friendships. I ran into my ex-classmate, and made new friends with fellow TTSH colleagues.
My lecturers are all Australians and they deliver their lectures humorously.
On the other hand, inevitably, I feel anxious that I will not be able to catch up with my school work, what with Baby Kai and my fulltime job on my plate as well.

Ok, let's hope I will stay sane and breeze through this semester first!
Other than school, I have to sort out the following by CNY:

- prepare and pack Baby Kai's travel food rations. According to an email from Australian Embassy, Baby Kai is allowed 1 opened tin of milk powder, and all other food items must be sealed in jars (or tins).
- send an official email to school requesting for Leave of Absence during CNY due to my being overseas.
- pack Baby Kai's and my luggage.
- bring Baby Kai to Dr Simon for his travel meds.
- get my 200-word assignment done.

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