Friday, July 16, 2010

Date with Hubby at Grand Copthorne

It feels terrific to be able to enjoy some couple-time minus the guilt. That's why, family support is so important. And married couples shouldn't be afraid to ask for help when they need it.

Hubby was a darling.. he booked us a nice buffet dinner at Grand Copthorne just to let me unwind, because lately I've not been feeling too well and the exhaustion nearly killed me.

They had indoor buffet and outdoor BBQ station. I love BBQs!

and seafood too~

I can never do without bread & butter at every buffet, and Hubby says he married a country bumpkin. "Never eat bread before ah"... :P

The snow crab legs are just delish delish delish!

The crabs were sweet and juicy. As we bit into them, the juice just trickled out. Slurp!

After dinner, we went for a stroll and caught the movie "Inception". It's wonderful to be back in those dating days again, and for just one evening, not talk about poo poo and tantrums.
We ought to do this more often. We love Baby A and being his parents so much of course, but it's about striking a balance in our lives :)

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