Friday, July 9, 2010

Bed browsing

In between my hectic schedule and the weekend, we managed to squeeze in some furniture browsing.
Went to different places to try their beds etc.. and Kai took the honour of testing the bounce factor of the mattresses.

After breaking a vase at Simmons showroom and running into Robin Leong & his partner bed-testing, and all the hooha of sweeping the showroom floor, we kinda decided that we want this!

Bling bling bedframe with hydrolic storage facility and soft mattress with plush pillow-top.

Okays gotta go!
In classic Aussie fashion, it's POETS Day (piss off early tomorrow's Saturday)!
It's Gymboree, picking up our newly arrived Martello, going around browsing more furniture and family time :)

Ciao people!
V. yummy mummy.

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