Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bargain-hunting with Meena and Gymboree with Kai

Woke up at 7.30am together with Baby Kai... on a Saturday?!?! It was raining, really chilly and the perfect excuse to sleep in late but my son thinks otherwise. So I made a date with Aunty Meena to go bargain-hunting at Pigeon Warehouse sale :)))

Kai & I took a warm bath, dressed up and went to fetch Meena and my godson Vetrin. Loaded all the adults and children in my Baby Mobile and ready to head to Macpherson. Perfecto!

The sale was like something I've never been to before - we queued to get it, shoved around with mostly the preggy women, then queued somemore to pay up and leave. Woah.
Thankfully, praise the Lord, I ran into my ex-polymate Huixian and her hubby Ming Qiang and I bumped my small purchases with them. They are expecting a baby girl come November.
It's always fun shopping for newborn stuff, dont you agree?
Buying nappies, receiving blankets, hooded towels and teeny clothes never felt soooo retail-therapeutic :)

I carried Vetrin and showed Kai, and he loves the baby so much. He smiled and wanted to gently touch him. I think Kai needs a sibling. Heheh

Afterward, Kai had class at Harbourfront - our weekly routine. Kai is always happy to attend school. He loves the children and the activities. Wait till he goes to Primary School.. hahaha

My darling son playing on the carousel...

which gave me a really wild fantasy - how nice it would be to throw a birthday party for him at a Carnival, complete with gazebos and carousel, with servers giving away popcorn and cotton candy for the children while they went on the free rides.
The parents can relax while having a picnic on the grass and watch as their children run after bubbles and eating cotton candy.

Well maybe for Kai's next birthday we should rent a bungalow chalet, set up a gazebo, rent toys and cotton-candy machines, and give out mylar balloons to the children. Life would be grand :)

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