Friday, July 16, 2010

Photoshoot of my baby

An abstract from the article:
"This clean white Golf GTi Mk6 has found a new voice! Fitted with a full Cat-Back system from Borla®, the car not only saves weight and gains significant power in the mid-high rev range, it finally sounds the way it should!
Listen to the video and hear the deep bassy growl this GTi now has - pay special attention at 00:24 - 00:30 for the rich overrun gurgle."

Full article write-up and video can be found here:

Special thanks to car journalist Joel Tam for his precious time in doing the video and photoshoot.
And for giving us the exclusive chance to be the 1st GTI to review this new exhaust.
Didnt know that my Baby Mobile can take on a fierce image as well :P
All pleasure is ours :)

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